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Best Chalazion/Stye Treatment- TheraLife

Best Chalazion/Stye Treatment- TheraLife

Do you have recurring chalazion or styes?  You are not alone.  

Both Chalazion and Styes ( infectious) form due to the meibomian oil gland problem.  This meibomian gland issue is also related to chronic dry eyes.  Most likely, you have both.

TheraLife has a Chalazion Starter Kit that addresses both.  TheraLife Eye capsules to restore normal tear function to relief dry eyes, hot compress, eye lid cleanser to address clogged meibomian glands, and fish oil to reduce inflammation and promote lubrication to the eyes.  Try it today!

Read how I stopped my recurring styes with TheraLife.  

I was diagnosed 2 summers ago with Blepharitis after a Huge stye would not go away with normal cleaning & hot compresses.
I never felt as if I had "dry Eye" as described but knew that my lid glands were not helping sweep  bacteria & dirt from my eyes.
I started to cleanse my eyes with a Baby Shampoo wash 3x daily, compresses daily to lids & cleaning hands & most things I touched often at gym & home.
I would still get styes  every other month or so & sometimes on both upper & lower lids at same time.

Searching online about a year ago out of frustration that my efforts were not working, I came across the Thera Life site.
Being a natural product that treated from the inside, I decided to try the Thera Life Eye.
I started with 2 capsules morning & night and kept cleansing regularly.  Within a month a noticed a difference and had only  a few styes  last winter. I have been stye free , however, for 6 months and have reduced capsules to one per day.  My lids are no longer  red & inflamed and have little crust on my lids when I wake.  As I've been told that Blepharitis never really goes away,so I will continue taking Thera Life as I truly feel it has prevented summer styes and kept my lids healthy.

Dr Yang has been in touch regularly to check my progress ...truly appreciated .

Ellin Sparrow-United States

Stop this vicious cycle of dry eyes, blepharitis, chalazion/styes now.
1. TheraLife Eye capsules to restore your own balanced tears to relief dry eyes.

2. Hot Compress to open clogged meibomian glands that cause chalazion and styes.
3. Eye lid cleanser - to stop re-attachment of bacteria and mites anchoring onto your eye lashes.
4. Omega 3 fish Oil- reduce inflammation, improve lubricant to sooth and balance tears.

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  1. How I got rid of my recurring chalazion with TheraLife. Get help today and stop this vicious cycle. Toll free 1-877-917-1989 US/Canada