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Best Chalazion/Stye Treatment- TheraLife

Best Chalazion/Stye Treatment- TheraLife

Do you have recurring chalazion or styes?  You are not alone.  

Both Chalazion and Styes ( infectious) form due to the meibomian oil gland problem.  This meibomian gland issue is also related to chronic dry eyes.  Most likely, you have both.

TheraLife has a Chalazion Starter Kit that addresses both.  TheraLife Eye capsules to restore normal tear function to relief dry eyes, hot compress, eye lid cleanser to address clogged meibomian glands, and fish oil to reduce inflammation and promote lubrication to the eyes.  Try it today!

Read how I stopped my recurring styes with TheraLife.  

I was diagnosed 2 summers ago with Blepharitis after a Huge stye would not go away with normal cleaning & hot compresses.
I never felt as if I had "dry Eye" as described but knew that my lid glands were not helping sweep  bacteria & dirt from my eyes.
I started to cleanse my eyes with a Baby Shampoo wash 3x daily, compresses daily to lids & cleaning hands & most things I touched often at gym & home.
I would still get styes  every other month or so & sometimes on both upper & lower lids at same time.

Searching online about a year ago out of frustration that my efforts were not working, I came across the Thera Life site.
Being a natural product that treated from the inside, I decided to try the Thera Life Eye.
I started with 2 capsules morning & night and kept cleansing regularly.  Within a month a noticed a difference and had only  a few styes  last winter. I have been stye free , however, for 6 months and have reduced capsules to one per day.  My lids are no longer  red & inflamed and have little crust on my lids when I wake.  As I've been told that Blepharitis never really goes away,so I will continue taking Thera Life as I truly feel it has prevented summer styes and kept my lids healthy.

Dr Yang has been in touch regularly to check my progress ...truly appreciated .

Ellin Sparrow-United States

Stop this vicious cycle of dry eyes, blepharitis, chalazion/styes now.
1. TheraLife Eye capsules to restore your own balanced tears to relief dry eyes.

2. Hot Compress to open clogged meibomian glands that cause chalazion and styes.
3. Eye lid cleanser - to stop re-attachment of bacteria and mites anchoring onto your eye lashes.
4. Omega 3 fish Oil- reduce inflammation, improve lubricant to sooth and balance tears.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Rheumatoid Arthritis/Dry Eyes/Joint Pain - Relief by TheraLife

Rheumatoid Arthritis - Dry Eyes - Joint Pain Relief by TheraLife.  

How many times have you wished there is one pill that can treat chronic dry eye pain as well as knee joint pain from Rheumatoid Arthritis

Read an amazing story from a TheraLife customer who wanted to share this amazing story with you.

Amazing Story for Relief of  Dry Eye, Rheumatoid Arthritis Joint Pain

"I thought I would let you know my progress. The dry eye continues to improve.  The biggest miracle of all with Theralife Autoimmune is that my very painful right knee continues to improve. I have two kinds of arthritis, osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid . Last year the pain was so bad that I could barely walk, my husband had to get the groceries.  After taking the Theralife Autoimmune for about 3 months for my dry eye condition, I began to notice that my knee felt better. Now I am close to walking normally.  The knee improvement started after having taken TheraLife for 3 months. I was using a cane and now I don't need it, I am just amazed I was not expecting this wonderful added benefit. Thank you so much."
P H. Crestline, CA

Why does TheraLife Autoimmune Formula work on both Dry Eye, Joint Pain and Rheumatoid Arthritis?

To learn more, click here

autoimmuneHow TheraLife Eye Autoimmune works:

-1. Formulated to restore normal cell functions to tear secretion and salivary glands
-2. Regulate immune system to reduce flares.

TheraLife Eye Autoimmune is fortified with
-1.Immune regulators- to help modulate and regulate the immune system

-2 Strong anti-inflammatories to reduce irritation and inflammation of tear and salivary glands, eye lids and joints.

-3 To stimulate energy during the day and aid sleep at night.

To learn more:click here

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Monday, January 23, 2017

Computer Eye Strain Relief- Tips from TheraLife

Computer Eye Strain Relief- Tips from TheraLife

Computer over use, more than 8 hours a day is very common these day.  You have been on the computer for hours! Your eyes are soar! They hurt!  You have computer vision syndrome ( CVS)

You are already using eye drops- feels like you have to put them in every 10 minutes!.

Here are some simple suggestions to help relief dry eyes:

  1. Blink often – program onto your computer to remind you to blink.
  2. Avoid bright fluorescent lights – wear a baseball cap to shield your eyes
  3. Relax your eyes 5 minutes every hour-
Other tips include:

1. Drink lots of water - we recommend at least 8 glasses per day. Fruit juices are fine. Avoid caffeine from coffee or soda. Drink de-caffeinated coffee as an alternative

2. Exercise – this improve blood circulation and deliver blood and nutrients to the eye.  The more the better!

3. Use humidifiers This is most helpful in winter or if you live in a dry, high altitude climate. Be sure to clean it often in order not to build up bacteria in the humidifier.

4. Wear wrap around sunglasses outdoors.

5. Avoid the  use of eye drops- Eye drops wash away lubricants that thicken your tears to prevent rapid evaporation.

6. Night time dry eyes - wear moisture eye goggles at night - your eyelids maybe partially open during sleep

7. Use warm compress over your eyes- to improve circulation and allow you to relax.

8. Get enough sleep!

9. Computer use -schedule frequent breaks and take your eyes away from the computer and look out the window 5 monutes every hour.

How TheraLife Eye can Help!
Learn a new approach to treating Dry Eyes- by stimulating tear glands to secrete balanced, sustainable, natural tears from TheraLife.

To learn more go to: click here

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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Night Time Dry Eyes- Relief with TheraLife

Night Time Dry Eyes?  Relief with TheraLife 

Are your eye drier at night?

You are getting up at night putting eye drops in.  Waking wake up in the morning with eye lids are stuck together? This type of morning dryness is actually a result of dry eyes at night.

What is Night Time Dry Eyes?

Many chronic dry eye sufferers experience extremely dry and painful eyes at night which requires frequent instillment of eye drops through out the night, disturbing sleep and causing fatigue the next day.  In the morning, often eye lids are stuck together that required washing eyes with saline, warm water to open them up.  The crusty build up on the eye lid is a sign of Blepharitis.

Causes of Night Time Dry Eyes

Some of the causes for night time dry eye include:

- Partially open eye lids allowing tears to evaporate

- Lower body temperature and metabolism which delivers less nutrients and blood to the eye
- Reduced tear production as a result of a slower metabolism
- Allergens in or around your bed that may cause dry eyes such as; sheets, pillows, dust mites, pet fur, etc…

Remedies for Night Time Dry Eye Relief

1. Take 4 capsules of TheraLife Eye Enhanced right at bedtime.

2. Place a humidifier in the bedroom to provide more moisture

3.Avoid sleeping under a heater or air vent

4.Avoid sleeping in the direct path of a fan

5. Use preservative-free nighttime eye gels or ointments that protect the eye

6.Use night time goggles with moisture pads to prevent tear evaporation

7. Hydration Goggles- A good home alternative for this is to take two cotton discs, run them under cool tap water and use surgical or athletic tape and tape them over your eyes at night. The moisture pads create a barrier that protect your eyes and prevent excessive tear evaporation. If this improves your night time dryness, consider investing in some night time hydration goggles.

How Can TheraLife Eye Enhanced help?
TheraLife® Eye Enhanced works by increasing intracellular metabolism (Mito-Activation), membrane permeability and blood micro circulation. This enables the Eye Enhanced to stimulate all the tear glands (meibomian, lacrimal and goblet cells) to secret its own tears  as well as overcome issues with poor micro-circulation and membrane permeability.

Taking TheraLife Eye Enhanced capsules before bedtime can often relieve night time dry eye symptoms.

To learn more about Chronic Dry Eye Solutions, please go to: click here

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

New Definition for Meibomian Gland Dysfunction- Clogged Oil Glands.

New Definition for Mebomian Gland Dysfunction & Dry Eyes - Clogged Oil Glands

A large number of customers who come to TheraLife has Meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD).   It is the leading cause of dry eye syndrome world wide, and a major causes of evaporative dry eye. This blog is an attempt to help customers understand this very difficult to treat condition, and their therapeutic outcome

New definition has now been established by an International Workshop Group

Definitions MGD from International Workshop

The first global consensus report on meibomian gland dysfunction was published in a March 2011 special issue of the Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science (IOVS) journal. , The International Workshop on Meibomian Gland Dysfunction was conducted by the Tear Film & Ocular Surface Society (TFOS). This  report is from a two-year-long workshop composed of more than 50 leading clinical and basic research experts worldwide.
The Meibomian Gland Dysfunction Workshop report provides new evidence-based definitions of some common terms:
  • Blepharitis: a general term that describes inflammation of the eyelid as a whole
  • Anterior blepharitis: inflammation of the lid margin, anterior to the gray line.
  • Posterior blepharitis: inflammation posterior to the gray line. It is important to note that MGD is one of many potential causes of posterior blepharitis, and these terms should not be used interchangeably.
  • MGD: stands for meibomian gland dysfunction, not meibomian gland disease. The term dysfunction is used because the function of the meibomian glands is disturbed.Meibomian gland disease is used to describe a broader range of meibomian gland disorders, including neoplasia and congenital disease.MGD is newly defined as:
    A chronic, diffuse abnormality of the meibomian glands, commonly characterized by terminal duct obstruction and/or qualitative/quantitative changes in glandular secretion. It may result in alteration of the tear film, eye irritation, clinically apparent inflammation, and ocular surface disease.

High and Low Delivery States of Meibomian Glands

MGD is further divided into two categories based on meibomian gland secretions: low-delivery and high-delivery states.

1.  Low Delivery cause Meibomian Gland Clogging
Low delivery (hypo-secretion) is the more common of the two and is further subdivided into hyposecretory (high secretion) and obstructive (clogging)

2.  High Delivery – Crusty and Sticky Build Up on Eye Lashes
High-delivery, hypersecretory MGD is characterized by the release of a large volume of lipid at the lid margin (crusty or sticky build up on eye lids) that becomes visible on application of pressure onto the tarsus ( eye lid)  during examination.  This build up is especially evident in the morning upon wakening.  Patients report having to wash their face with large amounts of water to loosen the eye lid.

Treatment Options for Meibomina Gland Dysfunction

Typical treatment options include hot compresses, eye lid margin cleaning on daily basis.  Steroid eye drops are often used to reduce inflammation. For chronic cases,  oral anti-biotics are prescribed to inhibit eye infections.

TheraLife Eye can Help!

Meibomian Gland Dysfunction is often accompanied by low tear volume ( suppressed lacrimal glands).

TheraLife Eye restores normal functions to al tear secretion glands intra-celluarly.  It also contains natural ingredients that has strong anti-inflammatory properties.

The benefits of using TheraLife eye includes:

1. Avoid  the use of steroids which has negative side effects. .
2. Restore tear volume with your own tears
3. Use in conjunction with hot compresses, eye lid cleaning to maintain normal meibomian gland function
Use TheraLife Eye  to help put your life back on track!

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Friday, January 13, 2017

January Is National Eye Health Month

January is National Eye Care Month

Below are some helpful hints for taking care of your eyes:

·         Have a complete eye exam every 1 to 2 years. Most eye diseases can be treated if detected early.
·         Have a test for glaucoma every 1 to 2 years.
·         Take extra care if you have diabetes or a family history of eye disease. Have an eye exam every year.
·         See an eye doctor immediately if you have any loss or dimness of eyesight, eye pain, double vision, extreme redness or swelling of your eye or eyelid.

Common Eye Complaints

·         Near Sightedness - Presbyopia- slow loss of ability to see close objects or small print. It is a normal process that happens gradually. You may not notice any change until after the age of 40. Presbyopia can be corrected with reading glasses.

·         Floaters - tiny spots or specks that float across the field of vision. They are most often noticed when a person is in a well-lit room or outdoors on a bright day. Floaters are usually normal, however, they can be a warning sign of eye problems such as retinal detachment, especially if they happen with light flashes.

·         DryEyes - occur when tear glands don’t make enough tears or make poor quality tears. Dry eyes cause itching, burning, or even some loss of vision. Eye drops often make dry eyes worse.  Come to TheraLife for help.  Restore your normal tears for dry eye relief, your own tears.

Eye Diseases and Disorders

  • ·         Chronic Dry Eyes- -dry, painful eyes due to lack of tears, inflamed eye lids ( Blepharitis) or clogged meibomian oil glands ( Meibomian Gland Dysfunction – MGD))

·         Cataracts - cloudy areas in part or all of the eye lens. Cataracts keep light from passing through the lens, thus causing loss of eyesight. Cataracts form slowly and cause no pain, redness, or tearing in the eye. If a cataract becomes large or thick, it can usually be removed by surgery.

·         Glaucoma - too much fluid pressure inside the eye. The cause of glaucoma is unknown. If detected early, glaucoma often can be controlled and blindness prevented. Most people with glaucoma have no early symptoms or pain from increased pressure. Therefore, glaucoma testing is very important.

·         Conjunctivitis - occurs when the tissue that lines the eyelids and covers the cornea becomes inflamed. It can cause itching, burning, tearing, or a feeling of something in the eye. Conjunctivitis can be caused by infection or allergies.

Eyelid Problems- Blepharitis

Pain, itching, tearing, and sensitivity to light are common eyelid symptoms. Other problems may include drooping eyelids (ptosis), blinking spasms (blepharospasm), or inflamed outer edges of the eyelids near the eyelashes (blepharitis). Eyelid problems can often be treated with medication or surgery.

TheraLife Eye Enhanced formula is targeted to restore your normal tear function to relief dry eye, improve glaucoma and keep your eyes healthy.  If your eyes are irritated, dry, you have tried everything, nothing seems to be helping, come to TheraLife for the best eye health treatment and information to get your life back on track. 

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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Hormone Receptor Found on cornea- cause for Dry Eyes?

Hormone Receptors found on Cornea- Imbalance Causes Dry Eyes

The degree to which your hormones affect your eye health depends largely on your individual blueprint and lifestyle. However, studies have linked androgen (testosterone) and estrogen receptors on the cornea of the eye and on the meibomian gland. This indicates a correlation between the production of tears and our sex hormones.

Menopause is a major reason why women over 50 have dry eyes.  

Relief for dry eyes:  Nutrition and Restore Hormone Balance

Every body is unique so you may need to experiment to find a combination of changes that work for you.  Supplemental essential fatty acids, in addition to a highly nutritious diet, are helpful for women of all ages with dry eyes.
A. Optimize your nutrition. Eat three balanced meals a day, consisting of:
1.   whole foods
2.    daily multivitamin.
3.  Omega 3 fatty acid  - be sure it is free of Mercury and PCB contamination- e.g TheraLife Omega 3 Fish Oil
4.   Vit E- which helps Omega 3 functionality

TheraLife Menopausal Support Can Help

For those who have had breast cancer or are concerned about using synthetic hormones.  Consider an all natural alternative.

To learn more

Enhanced-2-bottlesTheraLife Eye Menopausal SupportTheralIfe Eye Enhanced, 1 bottle of TheraLife Menopause Support, 2  bottle of TheraLife Eye enhanced . Highly recommended for first time users. Once relief is established, continue to take TheraLife Eye at a lower maintenance dosage.
100% satisfaction guaranteed!

Why TheraLife Menopausal Support Formula?
This formula is designed for natural hormone balance. It contains Black Cohosh plus soy isoflavones and essential nutrients like calcium, folic acid, B-vitamins to balance hormonal levels and relief symptoms of chronic dry eyes, reduce hot flashes, night sweats, and This natural formula has been used by women who are particularly concerned about synthetic hormones causing cancer. 

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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Links of Watery Eyes and Dry Eyes.

Is there a link between watery eyes and dry eyes? 

More than 50% of the watery eyes are caused by dry eyes.

Dry eyes result in inflammation, causing your brain to start providing moisture by crying.  Unfortunately, the crying tears are of poor quality making your eyes drier and drier.  

Get TheraLife to relief dry eyes now to stop tear over production today. 

Typical recovery time for watery dry eyes is 3 months.  We have to treat your dry eyes first then your

What  is Watery Eye 

Watery eyes occur when there is too much tear production  ( over tear production) or poor drainage of the tear duct.

Major cause of watery eye is Dry Eyes. Treat Dry Eyes with TheraLife Eye and tear over production will stop.  Read On....

Watery eye is the result of irritation or inflammation in or around your eye that causes your eye to increase tear production. One or both of your eyes may become watery. Tears are your eyes’ way of protecting themselves and expelling debris or clearing infections. Watery eye is usually caused by irritation or infection of the eye, injury to the eye from trauma, or a common cold. Other symptoms of eye irritation, including itching, redness, a gritty feeling, and swelling of the eyelids, often accompany watery eyes.

Physical irritants that get in your eye cause watery eye as the body increases tear production to wash away the offending substance, which may be smoke or dust in the air or personal care products such as soap or shampoo. Allergies are a very common cause of watery eyes. An allergy that affects your eyes may be local, such as an allergic reaction to eye makeup, or more generalized, such as hay fever.
Infections or inflammations of the eyelid margin, the area near your eyelashes, are also frequent causes of watery eye. These conditions include blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelid margin), chalazion (inflammation of a blocked oil gland in the eyelid margin), and stye or hordeolum (localized bacterial infection of an oil gland or eyelash follicle in the eyelid margin).

In most cases, watery eye is a result of a mild condition and usually resolves on its own. In rare cases, watery eye can be associated with more serious infections or trauma. Because your eyes and vision are vital to your quality of life, be sure to contact your health care provider if you have any eye symptoms that cause you concern.

Watery Eyes Causes

Tears are necessary for the normal lubrication of the eye and to wash away particles and foreign bodies.

In general, anything that irritates or inflames the surface of your eye can cause watery eye. Increased tear production is part of the body’s natural defense system and serves to wash away irritating substances and infectious agents.

Physical irritants, such as smoke or dust in the air or soap and shampoo in your home, increase tear production. Allergies are another very common cause of watery eyes.

Infections or inflammations of the eyelid margin are also frequent causes of watery eye. These conditions include blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelid margin), chalazion (inflammation of a blocked oil gland in the eyelid margin), and stye or hordeolum (localized bacterial infection of an oil gland or eyelash follicle in the eyelid margin).
  • Dry Eyes- A major cause of watery eyes.  Dry eye causes the eyes to become uncomfortable, which stimulates the body to produce too many tears. In the case of over production of tears, the Reflex Tear  the tear that is stimulated by the brain for you  to cry has taken over in an attempt to lubricate your eyes.  Reflex tear is of poor quality and tend to wash away the natural lubricants that your eyes produce, making your eyes drier and drier.  Key reason is, your lacrimal gland which normally produce tears is not functioning properly.   In order to stop tear over production,  you need to get the lacrimal and meibomian glands both to secrete balanced tears.  TheraLife Eye can help you  balance the normal cell functions of your tear secretion glands and stop tear over production.    It is important that you  test for dry eyes when you have  watery eyes.
  • Allergy to mold and dust.
  • Blepharitis- read more about how TheraLife eye can help with Blepharitis and Watery Eyes both.
  • Blockage of the tear duct
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Environmental irritants (smog or chemicals in the air, wind, strong light, blowing dust)
  • Eyelid turning inward or outward- causing constant irritation causing watery eyes
  • Foreign bodies and abrasions- causing both dry eyes and watery eyes
  • Infection- both viral and bacterial which can be treated with antibiotics.
  • Inward-growing eyelashes- causing irritation causing eyes to over water.
  • Irritation from allergens – causing over production of tears and constantly watery eyes.
  • Aging is a major cause of water dry eyes because dry eye is a natural process of aging.
Watery Eye Treatment
  • TheraLife Eye for Watery Dry Eyes caused by Chronic Dry Eyes.
  • Antibiotics
  • Artificial tears- for mild cases.
  • Surgery
  • Topical antihistamines- eye drops
If you might have a blockage of the tear system, your doctor may use a probe to test the tear drainage system. This is painless. If you have a blockage, you may have surgery to correct the problem. Minor surgery can fix improper eyelid position.

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Are Blepharitis, & Chronic Dry Eye Syndrome and MGD Related?

Are Blepharitis, Chronic Dry Eye Syndrome & MGD Related? 

If you have been told you have Blepharitis, you also have Meibomian Gland Dysfunction and Chronic Dry Eye Syndrome.  They co-exist.  Treating one is not enough for full recovery

Blepharitis and chronic dry eye syndrome are closely related.

Do you ever wonder why your eyes are constantly dry, red, and you may have  crust build up on your eye lids.  You use eye drops, hot compress,  eye lid cleanser, and your eyes are still red, dry, crusty, and irritable. Your doctor may have told you that you have Blepharitis.

What is Blepharitis

Blepharitis is a recurring condition caused by inflammation of the eye lids. Meibomian tear glands are often involved.  Meibomian glands are responsible for making your tear thick so it does not evaporate quickly.   Meibomian gland clogging can cause eye infections and inflammation which exacerbates the dry eye symptoms.
Common causes of Blepharitis include:
  • Age
  • Allergy
  • Immune system problems -e.g. Sjogrens
  • Hormone changes
  • Bacteria- eye infections treated with antibiotics.
  • Dermatitis (rosacea, dandruff,) sometimes allergies.

Typical Treatments  for Blepharitis are:

1. Eye lid cleaning- to stop bacteria and mites from reattaching, use eye lid cleanser that has hypochlor.  Baby shampoo doesn't work to stop reinfection.

2. Wet hot compress to loosen meibomian gland clogging daily followed by gentle massage of both upper and lower eye lids.

3. Antibiotics ,  prescription eye drop

4. Steroid eye drops

How is Blepharitis related to Dry Eye?

Symptoms of Blepharitis are very similar to chronic dry eye syndrome.  The symptoms are red, dry, blurry vision, watery, tired, light sensitivity and often wake up with a crusty eyelashes.
The most common cause of Blepharitis is Meibomian Gland Dysfuncton (MGD)- where the meibomian gland contains an abnormal or absent lipid. The abnormality destabilizes the tear film and can lead to evaporative dry eye –the root cause of Chronic Dry Eye Syndrome. While MGD can initially appear without inflammation, it will often progress to a more inflamed condition.

What does your eye care doctor look for?

During and exam, the eye specialist usually looks a the patient’s eyes through a slit lamp, a microscopy-like instrument, to view the eye in more detail. In people with Meibomian Gland Dysfunction( MGD), the doctor will see plugged glands and thickened secretions. The doctor also will see very rapid tear film breakup (Tear Breakup Test of 5 seconds or less), a tell tail sign of MGD.
The doctor often will press on the eyelid to “express” the secretions to determine if the glands are producing lipids, and see what it looks like. The doctor notes how easily the secretion comes out, and if the secretion is cloudy, with debris, and is thick, like toothpaste, in advanced cases.
Unfortunately, Blepharitis tends to recur. And this condition can be very frustrating!

How can TheraLife Eye Help?
TheraLife Eye is effective in reducing inflammation and stimulates tear flow for chronic dry eye relief. Often people with chronic dry eyes also have Blepharitis. Treating chronic dry eyes reduces the  inflammation, and also helps to reduce the recurrence of blepharitis. It is highly recommended that those who have Blepharitis stay on TheraLife Eye long term to increase the rate of success.

To learn more about
Blepharitis click here: 
Meibomian gland dysfunction click here
Chronic Dry Eye Syndrome: click here.
Learn more about how TheraLife Eye works : web link

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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Is There A Cure for Dry Eyes?

Is there a cure for dry eyes?  

Dry eyes can be caused by varies reasons, including but not limited to

1.  Aging
2. Menopause
3. Contact Lenses
4. Environmental
5. Computer use
6. High Altitudes

There is  no cure for chronic dry eyes,  TheraLife can help you relief dry eyes without using eye drops, keep your eyes healthy and your life back on track.  

How Do I know if I have Chronic Dry Eye?

If you have at least 3 of the following symptoms, you have chronic severe dry eye. Had dry eye for more than 2-5 years
  • Had punctal plugs put in and eyes still dry
  • Tried a variety of eye drops including those without preservatives, with gels.
  • Tried prescription Restasis with no result
  • Been told by your doctor that you have low tear volume and low tear viscosity
  • Can't cry - no tears
  • Have cornea damage - such as cornea ulcers
  • Had Lasik years ago, and dry eye is now worse.
  • Constant eye irritation, tired, red, with blurring vision. Feeling tired.

TheralIfe Eye capsules can help you restore your normal tear function inside out for dry eye relief, all day long.  No more drops.  

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Is there a cure for watery dry eyes?

Is There A Cure for Watery Eyes?

Are your constantly watering eyes making you miserable?  Eyes burning, red, irritated.  Nothing you tried has worked so far, drops only make it worse.  

Sounds familiar?  

There is no cure for watery eyes caused by dry eyes, but TheraLife can stop watery eyes and get your life back on track again.  All this means is you have to keep up with taking Theralife Eye capsules to keep watery eyes at bay. 

Why Dry Eyes Result In Watery Eyes?

Does this sound familiar?  I have tears running down my check but my doctor told me I have dry eyes.

The answer is not obvious.  One of the most common cause of watery eyes is dry eyes.

Watery eyes (epiphora),  or wet eyes, is a condition in which there is an overflow of tears streaming down to the face. This often happens when one goes outdoors, being exposed to wind, cold, bright sun light. Sometimes even when one is indoors.  Light sensitivity is one of the key symptoms indicating it is due to dry eyes.

Epiphora can develop at any age. It is more common in babies aged under 12 months, and adults over the age of 60 years old.  This condition can have symptoms in just one eye or both eyes.

Depending on the severity of symptoms, watering eye can sometimes make driving difficult and dangerous.

Common Causes of Epiphora- Tearing Eyes include:

1. Dry Eye Syndrome- more than 50%

2. Allergies-  test for allergies for try allergy medications

3. Blocked tear ducts- tear cannot drain

4. Blepharitis or conjunctivitis – eye infections

5. Trichiasis - inward-growing eyelashes

6.Ectropion - this is when the lower eyelid turns outwards

Why Does Dry Eyes Cause Tear Over Production?

Dry eyes lead to inflammation, which shuts down the tear secretion glands.  Your brain started to cry in an attempt to provide moisture. This type of crying tear is of poor quality - very thin, and keeps on washing away the natural lubricants your eyes produce.  Your eyes gets even drier.  This is not different than frequent use of eye drops.

Tear production tends to decrease with age, therefore, dry eyes are more common in older adults.

In addition to excessive tearing, symptoms of dry eye syndrome may include blurred vision, itchy eyes, or burning eyes.  All these symptoms are consistent with chronic dry eye syndrome.

How to stop tear over production

The proper way to relief watery dry eyes is to:
  1. Balance tear production – restore normal cell functions to tear secretion glands - lacrimal and meibomian glands
  2. Train your brain to stop crying – to stop tear over production.
TheraLife Eye can help!
TheraLife Eye restores both lacrimal and meibomian gland functions in order to establish balanced, sustainable tear for lasting relief.  Learn more
Once we achieve dry eye relief, we then have to train the brain not to cry.  Therefore, watery dry eyes takes longer to treat!

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