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Treatments & Causes for Watery Eyes- Aging Eyes

Treatments & Causes for Watery Eyes - Aging Eyes.

Dry eyes are one of the most common problems among seniors as they age. With age, our eyes and body are undergoing a variety of changes. Decreased cardiac function results in decreased micro-circulation which leads to poor supply of blood and nutrients to the eye. If dry eye is left untreated, the cornea can develop ulcers as well as other severe eye problems.

Causes of Aging Dry Eyes

As we age, our body produces fewer tears. Dry eyes are a very common complaint among older adults. Here are a few of the different causes that influence our dry eyes:
  • Watery Eyes- Ironically, dry eyes can cause watery eyes because the body senses the amount of fewer tears which triggers the brain to produce reflex tears (excessive watery tearing). This excessive tearing however does not lubricate your eyes it only makes the problem worse.
  • Menopause- Hot flashes, insomnia, vaginal dryness, mood swings, fatigue, headaches are all associated with menopause. However, more than 60% of women experiencing these symptoms also experience dry eyes. Women at this stage are also vulnerable in developing autoimmune diseases like Sjogren’s syndrome; Rheumatoid Arthritis (see section under TheraLife Eye Enhanced – Autoimmune Dry Eyes.)
  • Tear Production- As we age, our eyes naturally slow down the tear production process. Tears are a major protective agent for the eyes. Tears not only wash away dust from our eyes, but also soothe our eyes, provide oxygen and nutrients to the cornea, as well as help defend against eye infections by removing microorganisms that can form communities in our eyes.
  • Medications- Medications can cause dry eye. This includes some medications, antidepressants, antihistamines, muscle relaxants, sleeping pills, and pain relievers. Natural therapy sometimes tends to be a more balanced approach to aging diseases.
  • Caffeine in foods- Coffee, tea, sodas and chocolates are some of our everyday indulgences that contain caffeine. Caffeine causes blood vessels to constrict which results in decreased circulation, cause insomnia, and a variety of health issues. Try avoiding these foods and drinks if possible as caffeine is known to dehydrate the body.
  • Computer use- Internet allows us to connect with the outside world. Sitting in front of the computer for extended periods of time can significantly dry your eyes out. Remember to blink more often.

Prevention Measures as You Age

We strongly recommend the following things you can do to help prevent and relieve the severe symptoms of Dry Eye, regardless of your age. Here are a few examples:
  • Drink Water- At least 8 glasses a day. Water is a great source to keep your body hydrated, especially if you live in dry, hot or cold climates.
  • Humidifiers- Either in your central heating system or individual rooms inside your home can bring moisture into the air, especially if you live in a dry location, or during winter when there is less moisture in the air.
  • Natural Supplements- Omega-3’s (especially fish oil) and Omega 6’s is a great way to help you thicken your tears and decrease your dry eye symptoms. For women, adding Primrose Oil to Fish Oil can also help with hormone balance.

How can TheraLife Eye Help?

Your eyes are watery because you had dry eyes for a long time.  Unfortunately, your crying tears is of poor quality, washing your eyes clean of lubricates that thicken the tears.

TheraLife Eye works by restoring normal cell functions to tear secretion glands and increase normal tear production to relief dry eyes.  It is the only formula that can stop tear over production. It takes 3 months to stop watery dry eyes.

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Sjogren's Dry Eye/Joint Pain Relief by TheraLife Autoimmune

Sjogrens Syndrome Dry Eye/Knee Joint Pain- Relieved by TheraLife Autoimmune

Sjogren's Syndrome is an autoimmune disorder where the body attacks its own moisture producing cells, such as eyes, lungs, sinus, vaginal areas, and mouth. 

TheraLife Eye Autoimmune formula is an all natural patented formula that treats dry eyes, and help reduce flares.  Read on and learn.

This is my personal story:

"Since I started taking Theralife Autoimmune formula- my dry eyes continues to improve.  The biggest miracle of all with Theralife Autoimmune is that my very painful right knee continues to improve. I have two kinds of arthritis, osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid . Last year the pain was so bad that I could barely walk, my husband had to get the groceries.  After taking the Theralife Autoimmune for about 3 months for my dry eye condition, I began to notice that my knee felt better. Now I am close to walking normally.  The knee improvement started after having taken TheraLife for 3 months. I was using a cane and now I don't need it, I am just amazed I was not expecting this wonderful added benefit. Thank you so much" .
P H. Crestline, CA

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How to Prevent Dry Eyes from LASIK

How to Prevent Dry Eyes from LASIK Surgery

LASIK surgery for vision correction is popular.  The promise of being able to see without glasses or contact lenses is so great.

Unfortunately, for some, LASIK surgery induce dry eyes.  People with dry eyes that should not be qualified are get LASIK done.

You are so excited to see the great results only to find out that once the LASIK procedure is complete, you have chronic dry eyes.   You have been treated with eye drops, prescription eye drops, punctal plugs, thick gels to prevent tear evaporation, oily eye gel capsules that are suppose to thicken your tears.   Nothing has helped!  Your eyes are still dry, irritated, red, tired and it is affecting your work.

How do I know if I have dry eyes before surgery?

A common symptom is the inability to tolerate contact lenses.
Typical dry eyes symptoms such as red, stinging, gritty, tired, light sensitive and foreign body sensation.

Why is this happening with LASIK surgery?

LASIK surgery results in trauma to the eye surface, which makes dry eye symptoms worse.  Sometimes the corneal nerve tissue and tear gland cells may be damaged, and cornea does not heal over completely leaving tiny aberrations.  Uneven cornea surface creates more irritation, inflammation
upon blinking causing dry eyes to get worse.

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TheraLife® Eye Enhanced can help!
1.  Use TheraLife Eye for one week before surgery
We highly recommend that anyone undergoing LASIK surgery to be in a state of healthy eyes.  Especially for people already having dry eyes, to restore balanced tear secretion before surgery.

2. Use TheraLife Eye along with medications prescribed by your doctor for 6 months post surgery.
TheraLife Eye promotes tissue healing, reduce inflammation, and promote normal cell functions to tear secretion glands to produce balanced, sustainable tears from your own body.

How TheraLife Eye Enhanced Work?

TheraLife® Dry Eye Enhanced Formula works by intra-cellular stimulation of tear glands to secrete sustainable tears naturally. The benefits of TheraLife® Dry Eye Enhanced are:
  • Accelerates and aids healing of damaged corneal nerves and tissue
  • Strong anti-inflammatory agents to reduce swelling and dry eye discomfort
  • Stimulates tear glands to produce balanced natural tears
The use of TheraLife® Dry Eye Enhanced Formula ® increases normal tear production and provides continuous support after LASIK surgery to promote tissue repair and helps restore normal tear film to ensure a successful outcome.

What if you already have chronic dry eye from LASIK?
You may have had LASIK several years ago, and the dry eye condition persists or getting worse. Start taking TheraLife Eye Enhanced to stimulate the tear secretion glands to achieve balanced, sustainable dry eye relief. It may take between 2 weeks to 1 month to establish tear stability.

With the success of TheraLife® Eye, many doctors are now recommending TheraLife Eye Enhanced for post LASIK dry eye relief. Chronic dry eye left untreated can lead to cornea abrasion and scarring. So don’t delay. ACT NOW!

Doctor's Recommended- 80% success for first time users.
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Friday, May 5, 2017

How I Found Dry Eye Cure after LASIK with Theralife

How I Found Dry Eye Cure after LASIK with TheraLife

Here is a personal story from one of the TheraLife customers.  Learn how this can help you!

"My experience with TheraLife Eye Enhanced has been remarkable.  I had lasik eye surgery in 2007, because my eyes were too dry to wear contacts. I was 62 years old and very near-sighted.  The surgery  corrected my vision perfectly for both distance and close up, but I was left with eyes so dry, red and painful that my daily life was affected.  The eye doctor at the lasik center prescribed a prescription eye drop and sent me on my way.  No help.  I began seeing an opthamologist who diagnosed me with chronic blepharitis and added expensive antibiotic drops, which I used for ten days each month along with a prescription eye drop twice a day.  No help.

I found TheraLife eye online and got my life back.  I took 8 capsules per day as recommended and now I am down to two pills a day and pop a couple more when I travel to low humidity areas or just when my eyes feel uncomfortable. No more redness.  No more scratchiness.  No more dryness.  I actually feel that I look younger, because I'm not squinting in discomfort and my eyes are clear again.
I recommended this product to a friend who was using prescription eye drop until her insurance no longer covered it. She also is happy with the results. It seems expensive at first when the dosage is high, but if you can eventually lower the daily number of pills like I did, it seems very economical for the great results you might get."

C.L. Strongsville, Ohio

Learn more about TheraLife Eye

How TheraLife Eye Capsules Work
Theralife Eye is a patented formula that restores normal tear functions from inside out.  Here is why- dry eye results in high level of inflammation which shuts down cell functions.  Theralife Eye formula restores the normal cell function through mito-activation.  Now you relief your dry eyes from inside out.  No more drops.

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Friday, April 28, 2017

How to Manage Stress and Depression Caused by Dry Eyes?

How to Manage Stress and Depression Caused by Dry Eyes?

What is chronic dry eyes?

Chronic dry eye is a condition where dry eye symptoms are severe and recurring.  These symptoms include eye pain, blurry vision, foreign body sensation, light sensitivity, and more. These symptoms over a long period of time can cause stress and depression.  What we hear often is -" my life is now revolved around my dry eyes every day."

What is Stress and Depression?  

You're not the only one who feels sad or worried at times. It's normal. Living in anxious times provides us with plenty of reasons to worry about our families, our country, our basic health and our safety.

It's perfectly natural for you to respond to the ups and downs we all experience with elation or fear.

It's normal and expected for you to feel grief at the loss of a loved one, or a job or a precious possession.

It's common, and occasionally even helpful, for you to react to life's stresses, challenges and dangers with anxiety.
  • What's NOT perfectly natural is when those feelings persist long after the event or condition that triggered them.
  • What's NOT normal and expected is when those feelings seem to come at you from nowhere, appearing even in the absence of obvious external triggers.
  • What's certainly NOT helpful is feeling the weight of your emotions so heavily that it interferes with sleep, prevents you from performing daily activities or arouses concern in the people who care about you.
  In its milder forms, depression or anxiety can make it difficult to even get yourself out of bed each morning and to go through the motions of your daily activities. Fatigue, inertia, feelings of sadness and recurring fears can hover like a rain cloud over your life.

In their more severe forms, depression or an anxiety disorder can immobilize you, sabotage your relationships, trigger feelings of helplessness and self-destructive behavior, and perhaps even turn your thoughts to suicide.
You DON'T have to suffer this way
  With Theralife Eye, you can get total dry eye relief from inside out.  It is a patented  formula that is natural, safe, and effective.

Learn More about Theralife Eye

The Ultimate Dry Eye Treatment

The vest dry eye treatment is to make your own body to produce its own balanced tears for dry eye relief.  Dry eyes result in inflammation, and inflammation shuts down your tear functions.  This is your body's natural defense mechanism.  TheraLife Eye capsules are designed to treat from within your body, to reduce inflammation, and restore your own tear function to make your own tears all day long.

TheraLife Eye - help you restore, revive and produce your own tears for dry eye relief, all day long.  

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Best Treatment for Post LASIK Dry Eye That Works

Best Treatment for Post LASIK Dry Eye That Works

What is LASIK?

Lasik surgery can offer advantages of better vision, however, it can also cause chronic dry eyes due to the cornea changes and nerve damage.  Read my personal story on how I found relief in one week.

My Personal Story

"I had lasik surgery about 4 years ago. I was told a few weeks after the surgery that I would have dry eyes for the rest of my life and that I would have to use eyes drops every hour of the day. I tried virtually every kind of eye drop available on the market. I checked a lasik surgery forum to make myself feel better since there are others with worse problems than mine. However, having dry eyes that are continually limiting one's ability to see comfortably is very difficult.

After one year, when it became clear to me that my eyes had completed healing as much as they could post-Lasik, I started searching the Internet for solutions to dry eyes and found Theralife. The testimonials looked promising but they did not mention helping post- lasik dry eye problems. In desperation, I called Theralife. Angela was very encouraging. I explained that I was one year post-Lasik and that my eyes were still very dry. She said that Theralife Eye should help but that it may take about 3 months for me to get results. I was encouraged that she thought it would help even post-Lasik patients.

I received my first order of Theralife Eye and followed the enclosed instructions. To my pleasant surprise I noticed relief within a week. Two weeks later, it was even better. Theralife Eye, according to their brochure, builds in your system over time and continues to improve your tear quality and tear production over time (2 to 3 months?) I continued to take Theralife Eye and after about 3 months, my eyes felt very comfortable. I have been taking Theralife Eye daily ever since. When I forget once in a while, my eyes still feel okay. I have been taking Theralife Eye for about 3 years now.
Thank you so much for making this wonderful product. I am able to live a normal life and have comfortable eyes because of your product."

RT, Aliso Viejo, CA

TheraLife Eye Can Help

Theralife Eye uniquely patented formulated to restore normal tear function to produce balanced, long lasting tears from inside out.
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Theralife Autoimmune - Dry Eye Treatment for Sjogren's

TheraLife Autoimmune- Dry Eye Treatment for Sjogren's

What is Sjogren's Syndrome

Sjogren’s syndrome is a particular form of autoimmune disease where one’s body defense mechanism (immune system) attacks one’s own tissue or organs. In the case of Sjogren’s syndrome, it attaches the organs that produce moisture (mucous membranes). The most common symptoms are dry eye and  dry mouth. It can also affect other organs such as throat, lungs, kidney, liver, pancreas, central nervous system, gastrointestinal systems, joints, and blood vessels.

Other autoimmune diseases can also result in chronic dry eye including Rheumatoid Arthritis, LupusGrave’s Disease, Crohn’s Disease, and Fibromyalgia. Diagnosis for Sjorgren’s syndrome can be difficult due to similarities of disease symptoms.

Sjogren's and Dry Eyes

For many, Sjogren’s syndrome related dry eye often results in eye ulcers, corneal abrasion, extreme fatigue and a great deal of pain. Some people with Sj√∂gren's syndrome also have other autoimmune disorders, such as rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, systemic sclerosis, vasculitis, mixed connective tissue disease, Hashimoto's thyroiditis, primary biliary cirrhosis, and chronic autoimmune hepatitis.. It is a debilitating disease for as many as 4 million Americans. Most Sjorgren’s patients are women.

Conventional Sjogren's Treatments

Conventional therapy for Sjorgren’s chronic dry eye often includes eye drops – which make dry eye worse. Prescription drugs often include steroids which cannot be used continuously over long periods of time due to its toxic effects to liver and kidney.

How TheraLife Eye Autoimmune Formula Works

TheraLife Autoimmune Formula is a natural way to provide relief for both chronic dry eye, dry mouth and Sjorgren’s Syndrome. It works by:

1. Intracellular stimulation of tear glands (mybomian, lacrimal) to promote one’s glands to secret its own tears naturally and overcome issues with poor micro-circulation and membrane permeability. This is the key factor in Chronic Dry Eye Syndrome.

2. Natural ingredients that act as an immune suppressant (immune modulator)

3. Improve performance, endurance and energy levels.

4. No side effects of prescription drugs

5. Provides continuous daily support.

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