Friday, May 25, 2018

How Effective is Punctal Plugs for Dry Eye Treatment

How Effective is Punctal Plugs for Dry Eye Treatment?

People often ask if they should try punctal plugs for dry eyes.

The simple answer is YES- if you are producing some tears. 

For people who do not produce tears, punctal plugs will not be effective.

To increase tear production - use TheraLife Eye Enhanced capsules to help restore, revive and normalize your own tear functions from inside out. 

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Research Studies of Punctal Plugs

a research study in 2005 study by C.W. Roberts contained 30 dry eye patients divided into 3 groups. The groups were randomly assigned and being treated with the following:
  1. Cyclosporine twice a day
  2. Parasol punctal occlusion in the lower eye lid
  3. A combination of punctal occlusion and cyclosporine bid
The results of the study showed improvements in all three groups, but the greatest improvement was found in the group receiving combination treatments of the cyclosporine and punctal occulation simultaneously. The superior improvements in the combination treatment group were in the areas of reduction in conjunctival Lissamine green staining, decrease in artificial tear use by 3.8 tears a day, and an increase in Schirmer’s scores from 2.5 to 6.5 mm.

Another study by McCabe in 2009, published in Review of Ophthalmology, demonstrated that 43% of the patients in the study benefited from an improvement in Snellen visual acuity with punctal occlusion. Today we have a greater number of options in punctal occlusion. Not only are there newer permanent silicone plugs, intracanalicular plugs, but the increasingly popular and versatile extended duration plugs. While we have had dissolvable plugs for many years we now have ready access to 90-day plugs, as well as 180-day dissolvable plugs. These dissolvable plugs are ideal for patients undergoing cataract or refractive surgery that may benefit from 6 months of occlusion. Permanent or dissolvable punctal plugs continue to play a viable role as part of comprehensive treatment of your dry eye patients once the treatment of inflammation and lid conditions have begun.

 Conclusion.  In order for punctal plugs to work, the ideal situation is to treat dry eyes at the same time.

We recommend TheraLife Eye Enhanced, a natural alternative to eye drops that really works. 

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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

How I Cured My Watery Dry Eyes

How I Cured My Watery Dry Eyes

The funny thing about watery eyes is - more than 50% of the watery eyes are cause by dry eyes.  Reason is quite simple.  Your eyes have been dry and they were not getting relief.  Eye drops only made them drier.  Your brain started to CRY in order to provide moisture- unfortunately,  your crying tear is very poor quality washing away the natural lubricants your eyes produce.

Here is my personal story-

I am a chronic dry-eye from  LASIK surgery. I have watery eyes with tear tears flowing down my cheek all day long.  If the weather is windy or cold, the tear flow is increased.  I could no longer wear contact lenses with my watery eyes, I couldn't see or function normally throughout the day.

I sought Lasik surgery because I was very near sighted (11.5 in my left eye and 11.75 in my right eye) plus  large pupil dilation and a thin cornea, I had "E-Lasik" surgery. which was much more complicated than normal Lasik and had higher risk of dry eyes.

The LASIK surgery was very successful. I now have 20/50 vision, I can function without glasses for the most part.  However, for my watery dry eyes,  I used eye drops recommended by the eye doctors, which did not help.  I still had watery eyes, extreme glare at night and sometimes eye pain in the morning.
I tried many drops and supplements from health food stores but nothing seemed to work. I found Theralife on the internet. I now have improved night vision, watery eyes stopped and no more eye pain  in the morning. I started at 8 capsules per day and now on maintenance for 4 capsules per day. I recently have added the Fish oil (1-2 per day) and have had even more relief.

I  highly recommend Theralife Eye  to manage watery eyes caused by chronic dry eye. I'm so glad that I found Theralife.
PB, Dayton OH

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