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How to Cure Stinging Red Dry Eyes with Cornea Abrasion- A Personal Story

How to Cure Dry Eyes with Cornea Abrasion - A Personal Story

I know some of you have been told you have chronic dry eyes, and now you have cornea abrasion.  Your eyes maybe stinging and red all the time.  Your eye doctor gave you all kinds of drops that does not work.

Personal Story

This is my personal story, I hope my story will inspire you to try TheraLife Eye and get your life back on track!

"I have suffered from dry-eye for nearly 20 years. My eyes would be terribly dry and constantly stinging and really red and bloodshot. A former employer actually accused me of being an alcoholic and drinking during work hours. After using countless different types of eye drops and gels, nothing ever worked. I got a prescription eye drop from my family doctor and after enduring 6 months of that expensive nonsense and even worsened redness, I threw that away.
I found TheraLife on the internet. After starting Theralife capsules along with the fish oil this past March, I am stunned. It took approximately 3-4 weeks and my eyes are nice and white with no burning or stinging. My eyes actually shine with a healthy sheen to them. I am referring everyone that I run across with dry-eye symptoms to call Theralife. I am a Medicare health insurance agent and have over a thousand clients. It's surprising how many people suffer with this ailment.
Thank you Theralife so much for ending my agony. Please feel free to use my testimony.
LA, United States"

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How Does Theralife Eye Work?

TheraLife Eye is a patented formula that restores tear functions from within- no more eye drops.  Doctors Recommended, 86% success rate for first time users.

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Why Dry Eyes Have Sensitivity to Light

Dry Eyes and Sensitivity to Light

What is Photophobia?  

One of the major characteristics of dry eyes is Light Sensitivity.  This is called  "photophobia”-  light sensitivity or intolerance to light.

Symptoms of Dry Eyes

Dry eyes can cause your eyes to feel tired, soar and often watery,especially when exposed to bright light. This is because tear evaporate too quickly.  Tear not thick enough.  This is often associated with Meibomian Gland Dysfunction - clogged oil glands on your eye lids.

When you take TheraLife Eye for dry eye relief.  The first sign of improvement is Light Sensitivity.

Different Degrees of Photophobia

There are different degrees of photophobia. Some people are sensitive only to sunlight, and others to any type of brightness, including fluorescent or incandescent light. your eyes may squint or feel the need to close your eyes.

For people with dry eyes, there is the possibility of light sensitivity being triggered by corneal abrasion or medication. This may also causes eye pain, soreness and severe photophobia, even in very low-lighting conditions. There are several things your eye doctors may need to know to help determine the cause of your light sensitivity:

When is Light Sensitivity an Urgent Matter?

It is important to know that your symptoms can run the gamut from minor to major issues. For example, tired or sore eyes after a long period of working at your computer ( computer vision syndrome) is minor and is not the type of pain needing urgent medical attention. However, it would be best to immediately call your eye specialist if your pain is severe, constant and includes any changes in your vision; if you need to wear sunglasses indoors; or if the photophobia is accompanied by fever, headaches, blurry vision or red eyes, as there may be a concern for meningitis.

People with lighter-colored eyes tend to be more sensitive to bright light, as are those taking certain medications (doxycycline, tetracycline, fursemide).

When it comes to plight sensitivity accompanied by eye soreness or pain, consider these other causes-
  • Uveitis (inflammation of the inner portion of the eye)
  • Iritis
  • Conjunctivitis (inflammation of the conjunctiva, which is the thin, clear membrane over the white part of the eye; the conjunctiva also lines the eyelids)
  • Contact-lens irritation or complication
  • Sunburn , eyes can experience sun damage
  • Refractive surgery- LASIK
  • Migrane headaches
  • Retinal detachment- which sees a flash of bright light.
  • Sjogrnes’s Syndrome (inflammatory autoimmune disorder)
  • Burns to the eye (welder’s flash)
  • A stype or chalzion (these can create eye pain and sensitivity as they grow)
  • Corneal ulcer
  • Foreign body in the eye or irritation.
It’s better to catch a problem early and to be reassured than to be shortsighted and let it fester.

How Can TheraLife Eye Help?
Relief your dry eyes with TheraLife Eye, and the light sensitivity will be gone.  It is the first sign of improvement.

The unique TheraLife Eye formula restores normal cell function to tear secretion glands to achieve balanced, sustainable tears all day long.  Doctors recommended.  80% success for first time users. 

To learn more how TheraLife Eye works:  click here.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

How to Relief Contact Lens Dry Eyes

How to Relief Contact Lens Dry Eyes? TheraLife Can Help

Contact lens dry eyes are very common.  The reason is even though a contact lens is designed to be biocompatible,  it disrupts the normal tear film and creates tear loss and evaporation.  Contact lens wearers are motivated by the convenience and better appearance.   Prolonged dry eye conditions left untreated can created cornea damage, which may eventually require cornea transplants or blindness.

The problem with contact lens-associated dry eye is well documented. The frequency of contact lens related dry eye is about 50 percent,  which means about 17 million of the 35 million contact lens wearers in the United States alone have dry eyes.  A study shos that almost 77% of people who wear contacts lenses will discontinue at one time or another due to comfort issues..

So what  kind of dry eye workup will your eye professionals do to diagnose dry eyes?

Dry Eye Work-Up

So often, customer come to their eye doctors complaining of dry eyes, and they indicate their eye doctors didn’t do any tests, or done a few and been told they have dry eyes.  What kind of tests should be done to diagnose dry eyes ?

1. Fluorescein staining of the cornea and conjunctiva, see if there are dry staining spots.

2. Tear Viscosity Test- also called “tear break-up testing”, lissamine green staining of the cornea and conjunctiva.  Dispersion of the dye measured by a stop watch measured in seconds.

3. Schirmers or phenol red thread testing, and evaluate the tear volume- responsible by la
crimal glands.  Normal Shirmer’s test value should between 15-20 mm

4. Dry Eye Questionnaire:

a.  How often do your eyes have symptoms of dryness? (Never; Sometimes; Often; Constantly)
  1. How often do your eyes have symptoms of scratchiness? (Never; Sometimes; Often; Constantly)
  2. Do you experience these symptoms in the company of smokers (pubs, clubs)? (Yes or No)
Treat Tear Deficiencies and Tear Film Stability:

TheraLife Eye Capsules- highly recommended for both lacrimal gland (tear volume) and meibomian gland dysfunctions (tear thickness) deficiencies.  
TheraLife Eye works from inside out to normalize cell functions to both lacrimal and meibomian glands intra-cellularly so that you get balanced, sustainable tears all day long.   This formula is unique, and protected by patents.  Try it today!

Treat Ocular Surface- Mybomian Gland Dysfunction

Second, treat ocular surface problems.. For many patients, developing dry eye is a normal part of the aging process and contact lens wear only pushes them prematurely into this problem. Without a stable and healthy tear film, the patient will fail with contacts lens wear. Assess meibomian gland function as healthy meibomian glands are necessary for a stable tear film.
Recommended procedure here is to start lid scrubs and warm compresses to treat plugged meibomian glands and blepharitis. Reevaluate your treatment regimen in several weeks before considering changing the contact lens solution or material. Contact lens patients may well function acceptably with some modifications in the patient's tear film health and lid hygiene.

Preservative-Free Rewetting Agents-Be aware that frequent use of eye drops (more than 3-4 times a day make your eyes drier.

The liberal use of artificial tears and drops to provide e temporary relief for dry eyes. . Regular use of rewetting agents (every two to three hours throughout the day) will make eyes drier.  If you ever noticed that after applying eye drops, you feel like putting more in within 10 minutes.  This is a sign you are over using eye drops, preservative free or not.

Advice is to decrease his contact lens wearing time and to use preservative-free tear drops frequently to improve his tear film no more than 3-4 times per day. Non-preserved tears eliminate the risk of the lenses adsorbing what may be toxic preservatives found in preserved artificial tears. Preservatives may disrupt the tear film, but they can also bind to deposits in the contact lens material, resulting in an imperfect surface over which tears will not flow smoothly. Therefore artificial tears and rewetting drops used by our contact lens wearers should be preservative-free.

Learn more about Contact Lens Dry Eye

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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

How I Found Relief For My Graft vs Host Dry Eyes

How I Found Relief For My Graft vs Host Dry Eyes.

What is Graft versus Host?

The treatment for people with Leukemia is often Bone Marrow Transplantation.  The cells that are transplanted will often start to reject the person's own body, recognizing the body as being foreign.  This results in Graft vs. Host Disease.  One of the major symptom is dry eyes.  

Here is a story from one of TheraLife's customers.

"I had chemotherapy and bone marrow transplant almost 4 years ago due to cancer. I ended up with a very bad case of graft v.s. host disease where my sister's cells were attacking my soft tissue, skin, mouth and eyes. This has left me with very dry eyes. I virtually had no tears and could not open my eyes without a lot of pain. The graft v.s. host has since been treated but my eyes remained very dry. I went on prescription eye drop and permanent eye plugs, but my eyes were still dry.
I finally searched the internet and came across TheraLife and tried the TheraLife Eye Enhanced therapy along with the Fish Oil. After about 2 months of being on TheraLife Eye therapy, my eyes and my life became much better. I have been faithfully taking TheraLife Eye for about 2 1/2 years now and I honestly don't know what I would do without TheraLife.
Thank you for making such a great product! "

Valery. Canada

Learn more about Graft vs Host

Why TheraLife Eye? 

TheraLife Eye is formulated to restore normal functions to tear secretion glands intra-cellularly.   Most eye vitamins try to provide lubricants to thicken tears, but do not address the fact that the tear secretion glands are underactive. TheraLife Eye Works for 80% of first time users.  Doctors recommended.  

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