Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Fatigue in Sjogren's Syndrome- How TheraLife Can Help


What is Fatigue in Autoimmune Sjogren's Syndrome

Fatigue is the most common symptom in Sjogren’s Syndrome after dry eyes/dry mouth.  Fatigue is often thought of as extreme tiredness or weariness.  But in Sjogrens people,  the sense of fatigue is very different  than a normal person.  Sjogren’s fatigue leaves one unable to respond to physical or mental tasks or stimuli but also often leave one depressed, despondent and isolated.  Can't get out of bed.

According to Michell and Berger” definition.  Fatigue is a multifaceted condition characterized by diminished energy and increase need for rest disproportionate to any recent change in activity level and accompanied by general weakness, insomnia or hypersomnia (sleep too much)  and emotional reactivity.

The causes of fatigue in Sjogren’s syndrome are:
  • medications,
  • hypothyroidism,
  • depression,
  • fibromyalgia,
  • insomnia
  • secondary disorders- Raynauds, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Thyroditis.
The fundamental scientific reason for fatigue is “Energy” 

Energy at a cellular level is made by mitochondria that produce ATP which is the energy of a cell.  If you have mitochondria adversely affected such as by statin drugs, chemotherapy, your body will experience fatigue.

Exercise is Key to fight Fatigue

Exercise builds muscle and also increase mitochondrial size and numbers, which increases energy production.
Illness or disease may result in premature mitochondrial death.  Decreased mitochondrial number, function or even mitochondrial mutation.

TheraLife Fatigue can Help.

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