Tuesday, September 18, 2018

How to Relief Dry Eyes from Computer Overuse

How To Relief Dry Eyes from Computer Overuse

Using computer for more than 8 hours a day common these day. Especially with the popularity of smart phones and mobile devices.  Dry Eye Syndrome is happening more frequently than ever before.  Your eyes are soar! They hurt!

You may have already been using eye drops- sometimes every hour.  Right after you put a drop in your eyes, you want to put another drop in after 10 minutes!.

Here are some tips to relief dry eyes from Computer Vision Syndrome:

  1. Blink often – program into your computer to remind you to blink 10 blinks per minute.
  2. Avoid bright fluorescent lights – move to an office space away from direct fluorescent lights, wear a baseball cap to shield your eyes.
  3. Rest your eyes 5 minutes every hour- look outside the window, focusing on a far away place to relax your eyes.

Other dry eye relief tips are:

1. Drink lots of water - at least 8 glasses per day. Fruit juices are fine. Avoid caffeine from coffee or soda. Drink decaffeinated coffee as an alternative.

2. Physical Exercise – at least three to four times per week. Exercises improve circulation and help deliver blood and nutrients to the eye, as well as extremities.

3. Humidifiers for your bedroom or office -single portable units placed next to your desk,  or install humidifier for your central air system.  Himidifier is a must for people in winter if you live in a dry, high altitude climate.

4. Wear wrap around sunglasses outdoors to prevent tear evaporation

5. Avoid frequent use of eye drops-  Eye drops wash away the natural lubricants that thicken your tears to prevent evaporation. Long-term eye drop use can reduce tear production, making dry eye worse.  Your solution is to use a capsule like TheraLife Eye to restore normal tear function.

6.  Night Time Moisture Goggles.  One of the reason for night time dry eye is, your eyelids maybe partially open during sleep.  You can buy a moisture goggle to wear at night.  There are several options available from the internet.

7. Use warm wet compress over your eyes-do not wash your eye balls.  This can make your eyes drier, just like eye drops.

8. Get enough sleep!

9. Schedule frequent breaks from computer use 

How TheraLife Eye can Help!
Learn a new approach to treating Dry Eyes- by stimulating tear glands to secrete balanced, sustainable, natural tears from TheraLife.

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Thursday, September 6, 2018

Tips for Preventing Dry Eyes After LASIK


Tips for Preventing Dry Eyes After LASIK Eye Surgery

LASIK eye surgery maybe the best thing since sliced bread for those with severe needs for vision correction.  The promise of being able to see without glasses or contact lenses is so appealing that people started to sign up without proper knowledge of the risks and downsides.
Unfortunately, for some people LASIK surgery result in permanent dry eyes.  Their eyes hurt, some can not see clearly, and the impact on their work and productivity can be significant.  Unfortunately, eye doctors do not warn some patients who already have dry eyes and should not be qualified for getting LASIK.  There are plenty of LASIK chat rooms to that effect. 

After LASIK, it is common to be treated with eye drops, prescription eye drops, punctal plugs, thick gels to prevent tear evaporation, oily eye gel capsules that are suppose to thicken your tears.  After 6 months only to realize that you have dry eyes for the rest of your life.   Your eyes are still dry, irritated, red, tired and it is affecting your work.

Do you have dry eyes before surgery?

A common symptom for those with dry eyes is the inability to tolerate contact lenses.
Typical dry eyes symptoms such as red, painful, light sensitive, gritty, and foreign body sensation.

Why LASIK Result in Dry Eyes?

LASIK surgery cuts and shapes the cornea to the eye surface for vision correction.  Afterwards, the cornea should heal to a smooth surface again.  Sometimes, the cornea does not heal smoothly creating an uneven surface which causes friction when you blink.  This friction causes inflammation which shuts down your tear secretion glands, resulting in dry eye symptoms.  Other reasons could include damage to the corneal nerve tissue and tear gland cells, and cornea does not heal over completely leaving tiny aberrations.  Uneven cornea surface creates more irritation, inflammation upon blinking causing dry eyes to get worse.

Learn more about lasik dry eyes

TheraLife® Eye Enhanced can help!

1.  Use TheraLife Eye to treat dry eyes one week before surgery.  Maximize your chances of success after LASIK.   TheraLife Eye make your eyes produced balanced sustainable tears before surgery.

2. Use TheraLife Eye along with medications prescribed by your doctor for full 6 months post surgery.

TheraLife Eye contains ingredients to promote tissue healing, reduce inflammation, and restore  normal cell functions to from your own body.

How TheraLife Eye Enhanced Work?

TheraLife® Dry Eye Enhanced Formula works by intra-cellular stimulation of tear glands to secrete sustainable tears naturally. The benefits of TheraLife® Dry Eye Enhanced are:
  • Accelerates and aids healing of damaged corneal nerves and tissue
  • Strong anti-inflammatory agents to reduce swelling and dry eye discomfort
  • Stimulates tear glands to produce balanced natural tears
The use of TheraLife® Dry Eye Enhanced Formula ® to restore normal tear production and provides continuous support after LASIK surgery to promote tissue repair and helps restore normal tear film to ensure a successful outcome.

What if you already have chronic dry eye from LASIK?

Maybe you have had LASIK years ago, and the dry eye symptoms are getting worse. We recommend that you start taking TheraLife Eye Enhanced NOW to stimulate the tear secretion glands to achieve dry eye relief. It may take between 2 weeks to 1 month to establish tear stability.

With the success of TheraLife® Eye, many doctors are now recommending TheraLife Eye Enhanced for post LASIK dry eye relief. Chronic dry eye left untreated can lead to cornea abrasion and scarring. So don’t delay. ACT NOW!

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