Thursday, March 22, 2018

Do you have dry eyes or allergies?

Do you have dry eyes or allergies?     

So your eyes water, nose is running, eyes are red.  Do you have allergies or just dry eyes?

It is known that 50% of people with rhinitis- have eye symptoms as well.  

These ocular allergy typical symptoms include

  • Puffy eye lids
  • Red eyes
  • Conjunctivitis - pink eye
  • Watery itchy eyes
  • Runny nose
  • Sneezing
  • Soar throat
  • Cough

Ocular allergy (OA) includes a group of common and less frequent hypersensitivity disorders frequently misdiagnosed and not properly managed. The diagnosis of OA is usually based on clinical history and signs and symptoms.  However, at the eye doctor's offices, specific identifications of which substance causes your allergies are not available, until now.  

In-office allergy testing is a way to help diagnose allergy and take charge of the patient’s care. The FDA- approved in-office Doctor's Rx Allergy Formula (Bausch & Lomb) is an objective diagnostic test providing eye care providers a diagnostic tool for allergies. This allows the practitioner the ability to rule in or out the role of perennial or seasonal allergies. It takes less than five minutes to test the patient to a panel of 60 allergens, region-specific, with results in 10-15 minutes. It is easy to read the skin reaction to see what the patient has an IgE response to and guide treatment to include education to avoid the allergens, as well provide topical therapies to alleviate ocular symptoms. If the results are negative, then full steam ahead tackling the beast of dry eye disease.

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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Tear Osmolarity- Indicator for Dry Eye Disease



Tear Osmolarity -Indicator for Dry Eye Disease

Tear film hyperosmolarity ( too thick) has been recognized as an important componebt in dry eye disease for many years.  This test has been added to the latest description of Dry Eye Disease (DED) as a part of the DEWS report in 2017.

Tear film osmolarity has shown to be repeatable in people with out dry eyes, but greatly varied in people with dry eyes.  This parameter is now important to track as dry eye symptoms improve.

In a recent published clinical study, it was shown that Tear Osmolarity Test is highly correlated with higher OSDI scores, cornea staining, and symptoms of dry eyes.  Better than Shirmer's Test or Tear Breakup Test. 

Abnrmal Tear Osmolarity seems to preceed dry eye symptoms.   However, not all eye doctors can perform Tear Osmolarity right now. 

Here is a brief excert-

Tear osmolarity varied between the various groups with the highest values in the clinically significant dry eye group (312 mOsm/L) and the lowest in the control group (305 mOsm/L). Subjects in the symptom only dry eye had a score in between the two other groups (307 mOsm/L). A higher variability in osmolarity was noted in the clinically significant eye group versus the other two groups. Higher osmolarity was also correlated with higher OSDI scores and staining (cornea/conjunctival) but not with tear film breakup or Schirmer’s test values.

The authors concluded that osmolarity values were the most consistent in the control group. Increased osmolarity and between-eye variability was shown in dry eye, with the clinically significant dry eye having higher and more variable osmolarity than the symptom-only dry eye. The authors propose that osmolarity might be a good indicator of a patient developing dry eye as a higher osmolarity value is present in the symptom-only group, likely prior to developing the corneal/conjunctival staining seen in clinically significant disease. In addition, osmolarity should be obtained in both eyes and a large variability between eyes may also be an indicator of dry eye. A cutoff value of 308 mOsm/L was felt to be the most useful value to potentially identify a dry eye patient.

Conclusions: Individuals with symptomatic dry eye that is not yet clinically significant seem to have higher and more variable osmolarity measurements than controls, potentially indicating that changes in osmolarity precede clinical findings. 

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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Computer Overuse and Dry Eyes - What To Do

Computer Over Use and Dry Eyes - What To Do

Computers are now every where, not just PC, but also mobile devices.  So many of us are now spending higher than normal working hours on the computer working, surfing, watching videos, movies and more.  Our bodies are starting to tell us to rest, and recouperate.  

Prolonged symptoms result  in disorders of chronic dry eyes, stress, high blood pressure, and much more.  

What are the symptoms of computer stress that are warning signs? 

Computer Stress Symptoms:

  • headaches while doing or following computer use
  • irritated and/or dry eyes
  • blurred vision
  • slow refocusing when looking from screen to distance objects
  • frequently losing place when moving eyes between copy and the screen
  • difficulty seeing clearly at a distance after prolonged computer use
  • occasional doubling of vision
  • changes in color perception
  • changes in glasses prescription
  • neck or shoulder tension and pain
  • back pain
  • pain in arms, wrists, or shoulders when working on the computer
  • lowered visual efficiency and more frequent error
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