Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Punctal Plugs for Dry Eye Treatment- Pros and Cons

Your eye doctor may want to put Punctal plugs in your eyes as a form of dry eye relief.

You may want to be aware of some facts before getting them put into your eyes.

What are Punctal Plugs?

Punctal plugs are designed to plug up the tear ducts to stop the drainage of tears into your sinus.  Punctal plugs are often used for people who do not respond to eye drops.

Tear ducts function by providing drainage for debris and bacteria to drain and clean the eye.

There are two types of punctal plugs
1. Temporary- dissolves by itself in 5-7 days.  Good for a test run to see if it works.  If it is effective, relief should be instant.

2. Permanent -

3.  Cauterization of tear ducts- done surgically for people who are allergic to punctal plug materials for tear duct badly damaged.  This process is irreversible.

Tear ducts function by providing drainage for debris and bacteria to drain and clean the eye.

Possible outcomes by of punctal plugs:

Punctal plugs work well for people who has enough tears to be shored up.  For those whose Schirmer's test is less than 5mm- there may not be enough tears to shore up.  Punctal plugs are then not effective.

1. When the tear ducts are plugged, the accumulation of bacteria and dirt increase the chances for eye infections

2. Some people experience irritation, swelling, due to allergic reactions to the punctal plug materials.

3. Punctal plugs can be removed by flushing with saline.

4. Punctal plugs often fall out by themselves.- 50% during the first year.

Why punctal plugs do not always work for chronic dry eye?

For people with severe chronic dry eyes, there are simply not enough tears to shore up, therefore, punctal plugs are not enough!

How does your tear secretion glands work?
There are two important tear secretion glands that need to work simultaneously in order to relief dry eye symptoms.
1. Lacrimal gland which secretes tear volume located at the upper outer corner of your eye lids
2. Meibomian gland which secrete mucin, lipids, and proteins to thicken the tear.

Both glands must function together in order to provide tear with the right thickness (viscosity) and tear volume to provide comfort.

How can TheraLife Eye help?
TheraLife® Eye works by restoring normal cell functions to both lacrimal and meibomian glands.  The result is balanced, sustainable tears from your own eye to provide comfort all day long.   Learn more

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Menopause, Major Cause of Dry Eyes in Women

Ever heard of this comment- All of a sudden I have dry eyes.  I was fine before.  What is happening to me?

Onset of menopause causes dry eyes in more than 60% of the women over the age of 50. 

All at once, hormone levels start to drop - hormone imbalance is the key reason for dry eyes.  Symptoms of menopause including hot flashes, insomnia, vaginal dryness, mood swings, fatigue, headaches and of course dry eyes.  The eyes feel dry, itchy, red, irritated and light sensitive.

Eye Drops

The most common solution for dry eyes remains to be eye drops.  Soon you will realize the more drops you use, drier your eyes become.  When using eye drops, the eyes become conditioned to secrete less tears and become drier.  On the other hand, artificial tears wash away the natural lubricant secreted from the oil glands (meibomian glands) to thicken tears.  Using eye drops is just like rinsing one's eye balls under a faucet.

Punctal Plugs

Another conventional approach is to block the eyes tear drainage system (punctal plugs) at the lower eyelids or sometimes both lower and upper eyelids.  In some cases, the drainage is permanently cauterized surgically in order to shore up tears to provide comfort.  In most cases, the plugs fall out, and the chances of eye infections increase due to poor drainage.

For moderate to severe dry eyes, very often, a prescription eye drop is used.  When patients have tried all these approaches and their eyes still hurt that is where TheraLife Eye Enhanced can help.

Why TheraLife Enhanced Dry Eye?

TheraLife Eye Enhanced is targeted to normalize tear glands cell functions intra-cellulary in order to secrete sustainable, balanced, natural tears.  It does  this by an intra-cellular mechanism called Mito-Activiation where intra-cellular activities increase thus restore its normal function. 

TheraLife has conducted clinical trials in patients with various dry eye and medical conditions with amazing results.  86% of the patients see improvement after a 3 months trial.

Hormone Balance is Vital to Menopausal Dry Eye in Women.

Menopausal dry eye is usually initiated by hormone imbalance.  For this reason, TheraLife sought for a natural product that will help achieve hormone balance during dry eye therapy in conjunction with TheraLife Eye Enhanced.

TheraLife Eye- Women’s Menopausal Support Formula is formulated to the exacting specifications of certified nutritionists. It contains recommended potencies of key ingredients, Black Cohosh plus soy isoflavones are combined with essential nutrients like calcium, folic acid, and B-vitamins, that have been shown to support normal hormonal levels during menopause. This synergistic blend includes standardized herbal extracts and other nutrients which, together, form a truly well-balanced and effective product for women. an all-natural, herbal supplements made with natural ingredients to provide natural menopause symptom relief including dry eyes.  These work naturally in the body to reduce hot flashes, night sweats, and other menopausal symptoms.

Recommended Dosage TheraLife Eye-  Women’s Menopause Support:

TheraLife recommends 3 capsules/day of the TheraLife Dry Eye- Women’s Menopausal Support formula  to produce optimum dry eye relief, taken along with TheraLife Eye Enhanced capsules serves to speed up recovery


TheraLife Eye –Women’s Menopausal Support product has been tested to meet the highest standards. There are no known major side effects from the recommended use of TheraLife Menopausal
Support.  It does not contain artificial dyes, colors, preservatives, flavors, yeast, wheat, gluten, or lactose. Our top priority is our customers' safety and satisfaction.

In addition to TheraLife Eye Enhanced, ThearaLife Eye- Women’s Menopause Support, we also recommend Primrose Oil and Fish Oil.  See section under Total Support for Menopause Dry Eye.

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