Monday, January 23, 2017

Computer Eye Strain Relief- Tips from TheraLife

Computer Eye Strain Relief- Tips from TheraLife

Computer over use, more than 8 hours a day is very common these day.  You have been on the computer for hours! Your eyes are soar! They hurt!  You have computer vision syndrome ( CVS)

You are already using eye drops- feels like you have to put them in every 10 minutes!.

Here are some simple suggestions to help relief dry eyes:

  1. Blink often – program onto your computer to remind you to blink.
  2. Avoid bright fluorescent lights – wear a baseball cap to shield your eyes
  3. Relax your eyes 5 minutes every hour-
Other tips include:

1. Drink lots of water - we recommend at least 8 glasses per day. Fruit juices are fine. Avoid caffeine from coffee or soda. Drink de-caffeinated coffee as an alternative

2. Exercise – this improve blood circulation and deliver blood and nutrients to the eye.  The more the better!

3. Use humidifiers This is most helpful in winter or if you live in a dry, high altitude climate. Be sure to clean it often in order not to build up bacteria in the humidifier.

4. Wear wrap around sunglasses outdoors.

5. Avoid the  use of eye drops- Eye drops wash away lubricants that thicken your tears to prevent rapid evaporation.

6. Night time dry eyes - wear moisture eye goggles at night - your eyelids maybe partially open during sleep

7. Use warm compress over your eyes- to improve circulation and allow you to relax.

8. Get enough sleep!

9. Computer use -schedule frequent breaks and take your eyes away from the computer and look out the window 5 monutes every hour.

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