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Night Time Dry Eyes- Relief with TheraLife

Night Time Dry Eyes?  Relief with TheraLife 

Are your eye drier at night?

You are getting up at night putting eye drops in.  Waking wake up in the morning with eye lids are stuck together? This type of morning dryness is actually a result of dry eyes at night.

What is Night Time Dry Eyes?

Many chronic dry eye sufferers experience extremely dry and painful eyes at night which requires frequent instillment of eye drops through out the night, disturbing sleep and causing fatigue the next day.  In the morning, often eye lids are stuck together that required washing eyes with saline, warm water to open them up.  The crusty build up on the eye lid is a sign of Blepharitis.

Causes of Night Time Dry Eyes

Some of the causes for night time dry eye include:

- Partially open eye lids allowing tears to evaporate

- Lower body temperature and metabolism which delivers less nutrients and blood to the eye
- Reduced tear production as a result of a slower metabolism
- Allergens in or around your bed that may cause dry eyes such as; sheets, pillows, dust mites, pet fur, etc…

Remedies for Night Time Dry Eye Relief

1. Take 4 capsules of TheraLife Eye Enhanced right at bedtime.

2. Place a humidifier in the bedroom to provide more moisture

3.Avoid sleeping under a heater or air vent

4.Avoid sleeping in the direct path of a fan

5. Use preservative-free nighttime eye gels or ointments that protect the eye

6.Use night time goggles with moisture pads to prevent tear evaporation

7. Hydration Goggles- A good home alternative for this is to take two cotton discs, run them under cool tap water and use surgical or athletic tape and tape them over your eyes at night. The moisture pads create a barrier that protect your eyes and prevent excessive tear evaporation. If this improves your night time dryness, consider investing in some night time hydration goggles.

How Can TheraLife Eye Enhanced help?
TheraLife® Eye Enhanced works by increasing intracellular metabolism (Mito-Activation), membrane permeability and blood micro circulation. This enables the Eye Enhanced to stimulate all the tear glands (meibomian, lacrimal and goblet cells) to secret its own tears  as well as overcome issues with poor micro-circulation and membrane permeability.

Taking TheraLife Eye Enhanced capsules before bedtime can often relieve night time dry eye symptoms.

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