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How To Do Lid Margin Debridement For Clogged Oil Glands in MGD.

How To Do Manual Cleaning of Clogged Oil Glands In MGD.

What is Lid Margin Debridement?      

Lid scraping, also known as lid margin debridement or lid exfoliation, is a relatively recent addition to the treatment paradigm of MGD and dry eye. Its first reference in the peer-reviewed literature as a treatment option for these conditions was in 2013. Its premise is to remove any physical barriers that may interfere with meibum delivery not only to the lid margin, but also to the tear film.

The anterior lid margin, aside from the meibomian gland orifices and lashes, is histologically identical to the cornified epidermis of the skin. It, therefore, naturally accumulates keratin, devitalized cells, and extracellular debris, all of which are capable of obstructing the migration of meibum to the tear film. With age, the Line of Marx (LOM), a linear pattern of staining in the region of the mucocutaneous junction, thickens, heightens, undulates, and often displaces anterior to the meibomian gland orifices. These changes are purported to be secondary to an osmotic gradient within the tear meniscus that alters the cellular morphology over decades. Similar to above, the elevated ridge of cells in this area obstructs meibum migration.

How is Lid Margin Debridement Done?

Full lid margin debridement entails scraping of both the keratinized lid margin (from the mucocutaneous junction to the base of the lashes) and the thickened LOM to facilitate meibum delivery to the tear film. Shown in our instructional video is the former, as the latter is most effective with lissamine green to allow visibility of the LOM. The technique, however, is identical. Korb and Blackie performed this procedure on 16 symptomatic MGD patients and found that symptoms and meibomian gland expressibility were significantly improved one month post treatment compared to 12 untreated controls.

What’s the best part about this procedure? You already have all the tools needed, a spatula, spud, or even a product like a Q-tips Precision Tips Cotton Swab wet with saline. Start lid scraping today and monitor your patients for changes in signs and symptoms.

Blepharitis and Meibomian Gland Dysfunction accounts for a high percentage of dry eye patients who are no longer responsive to eye drops, steroid drops, antibiotics.  The tremendous amount of inflammation from dry eyes has shut down the normal tear functions.  TheraLife can help

How TheraLife Eye can Help!

Learn a new approach to treating Dry Eyes- by restoring tear glands to secrete balanced, sustainable, natural tears again.  Your own tears, no more drops.

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New Blepharitis Treatment That Works


What is Blepharitis?

If you wake up in the morning with crusty sticky build up on your eye lids- you have Blepharitis.

Blepharitis is the inflammation of eye lids- often resulting in bacterial infection and demodex (mites).  85% of people with Blepharitis has chronic dry eyes.  Inflammation from Blepharitis shuts down tear secretion glands and therefore dry eyes.  Vise versa is also true, dry eyes result in inflammation which can cause blepharitis. 

If you have Blepharitis - first thing you do is to stop all eye make up, this is particularly true for mascara.  Make up also help attract bacteria and mites, exacerbation your current condition.

Consequences of Blepharitis

When Blepharitis becomes a chronic condition, eye lashes often fall out, eye lids become swollen, red and irritated.  In severe cases, dry eyes plus blepharitis can lead to cornea damage and blindness.

Blepharitis in almost all the cases also lead to meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD)- clogging of the oil producing glands on your eye lid.  MGD leads to severe chronic dry eyes- one of the most difficult dry eye conditions to treat. 

Treatments for Blepharitis

The traditional treatment recommended by many eye doctors- use baby shampoo simple do not work.  Baby shampoo has detergents which strips the oils and lubricants that help keep your eye lids healthy.  Bacteria re-adhere and reinfect the eye lids on daily basis. 

The other option is to use antibiotic drops - this does help short term, until bacteria becomes resistant to the antibiotics being prescribed. 

Highly recommended Blepharitis Treatment from TheraLife

1. Avenova iLid Cleanser - safe and effective.
It is not a detergent- the key ingredient occurs naturally in your body for fending off infections.  It works by disrupting the biofilm layer on your eye lids to which bacteria and mites like to anchor. 

2. TheraLife Eye capsules to reduce inflammation, restore normal function to your tear secretion glands and relieve dry eyes with your own balanced natural tears.  Frequent use of eye drops make your eyes drier

3. Hot Compress - twice a day- 10 minutes each time to unclog meibomian glands. 

It is time to recover from Blepharitis.  Life can be normal again.  You can do it!

 TheraLife Eye Enhanced Starter Kit.

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How To Get Rid Of Watery Dry Eyes

How To Get Rid Of Watery Dry Eyes

Why Watery Dry Eyes

We this question often, my doctor said I have dry eyes, yet I have wet eyes.  Tears running down my cheek, my eyes are red, soar, eye lids puffy.  What is going on?

More than 60% of the watery eyes are caused by dry eye syndrome. 

Reason being, you had dry eyes for a long time, it was not getting relief.  You tried eye drops, eye gels, punctal plugs, your eye doctor even flushed your tear ducts to make sure they are draining properly.  Your eyes are still dry because the crying tears - "Reflux Tears" are of poor quality - washing away all the natural lubricants your eyes produce, making your own tears too thin and evaporates quickly.  This is called "evaporative dry eyes".  This condition is similar to frequent use of eye drops making your eyes drier.

Here is my personal story

"I have had dry eyes for many years and tried all kinds eye drops and treatments from my ophthalmologist with no results.  Last year, I was told I needed eye glasses because my eyes watered so much I could not read the vision chart.  This year, I went for my eye test and I was told my eyes were so much better.  I don’t need eye glasses.  I have been taking TheraLife for only 2 months, and started to have some relief after the first two weeks.  TheraLife is the only solution that helped. .I continue to take TheraLife Eye to keep watery eyes at bay.

S R.  United States"

TheraLife Eye capsules restores tear secretions intra-cellularly resulting in balanced tears to relief dry eye from inside out.  No drops, no artificial.  We highly recommend taking 4000 mg/day of Omega 3 Fish Oil at the same time.  Use hot compress twice a day- 10 minutes each time to open up oil glands, plus eye lid cleanser to eliminate eye lid inflammation.

It takes 3 months to stop tear over production.

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What Are The Risk Factors For Dry Eyes

What Are The Risk Factors For Dry Eyes. 

The authors of this study wanted to investigate independent risk factors of dry eye syndrome (DES) in a Chinese population.
This was case-controlled, hospital-based age- and sex-matched population with 789 chronic dry eye patients and 1119 healthy family members – Genetically matched.  .
Dry eye syndrome patients were determined by Ocular Surface Disease questionnaire and both groups received.
1. Slit-lamp evaluation,
2. Tear film breakup time- to measure tear viscosity
3. Schirmer test – to measure tear volume. 
4. Corneal fluorescein staining for dry spots – Rose Bangal. 
Extensive personal and medical histories were collected and 20 risk factors were found to be associated with Dry Eye Syndrome. 

Risk Factors

1. history of hypertension
2. diabetes,
3. hepatitis C,
4. obstructive sleep apnea,
5. thyroid disease,
6. connective tissue disease,
7. gout,
8. benign prostatic hyperplasia – enlarged prostate.
9.  rosacea - red cheeks and nose.
10. stress disorder
11. depression
12. posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD),
13.hematopoietic stem cell transplantation – bone marrow transplantation for lymphoma.
14. history of receiving head and neck radiation therapy,
15. postmenopausal estrogen therapy
16. antihistamines
17. anti-depressants
18. anxiolytics,-  anti-anxiety medications.
 19. drugs for prostatic hypertrophy
20. Computers, cell phone displays  use of a video display terminal for more than 6 hours per day, and corneal contact lenses.

The use of vitamin supplements and regular consumption of food rich in omega -3 fatty acids were found to be protective against DES. 
This large population based study of a Chinese population identified multiple risk factors for DES and may provide important avenues for identifying patients, education and potential intervention, and is consistent with previous reports.

The impact of stress, depression, contact lens wear, and hormone status (Menopause) are significant, 

How can TheraLife Eye Help?

TheraLife Eye is an all natural oral formula that treats from inside out! It is uniquely formulated to restore normal cell functions to tear secretion glands intra-cellularly for sustainable, long lasting relief. Clinically proven to work for 80% of first time users.

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New Research on Dry Eyes & Allergies in Children

New Research on Dry Eyes & Allergies in Children

Image result for photos of children with allergies

Allergies and Dry Eye Disease often concur.  Here is a research study that supports this finding.  Tear film instabilities result in evaporative dry eyes.  

Evaluation of the Tear Film Instability in Children with Allergic Diseases

CONTEXT: The presence of dry eye syndrome (DES) in ocular allergic diseases was evaluated in several studies. Despite this, little exists about the tear film instability in atopic children including patients with allergic rhinitis (AR), allergic conjunctivitis (AC) and asthma. This is a study which presents intriguing findings regarding the relationship of tear film instability with clinical aspects in atopic children.
OBJECTIVE: To determine the tear film instability in children with AR, AC and asthma.
MATERIALS AND METHODS: One hundred and thirty-five consecutive children with AR, AC and asthma as study group and 45 children without any systemic and ocular abnormality as control group were included in the study. Skin prick tests, measurement of tear film breakup time (TFBUT), serum immunoglobulin E and eosinophil counts were performed in all patients. Also four subgroups of patients were designated as AR group (Group I), AC group (Group II), asthma group (Group III) and control group (Group IV).
RESULTS: Socio-demographic characteristics were similar except for family atopy between the groups (p > 0.05). The mean TFBUT was significantly lower in the study group (15.5 ± 4.4 s) than the control group (18.4 ± 2.9 s; p 0.000). Also, there was no significant differences in the percentage of the patients who had TFBUT<10 s (p = 0.066). In logistic regression analysis, atopy was found to be the determinant of lower TFBUT (OR = 16.33, 95%; CI = 1.17 to 228.05, p= 0.03).
CONCLUSION: The presence of tear film instability was higher in children with AC, AR and asthma. This finding should be taken in consideration in atopic children.
Dogru M, Gunay M, Celik G, Aktas A. Cutan Ocul Toxicol. 2015 Feb 19:1-4.

How can TheraLife Eye Help?
TheraLife Eye is effective in reducing inflammation and stimulates tear flow for chronic dry eye relief. Often people with chronic dry eyes also have Blepharitis. Treating chronic dry eyes reduces the inflammation, and also helps to reduce the recurrence of blepharitis. It is highly recommended that those who have Blepharitis stay on TheraLife Eye long term to increase the rate of success.

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Simple Tips for Night Time Dry Eye Treatment

Simple Tips for Night Time Dry Eye Treatment

Theralife Eye Capsules right before bed time  

Night time dry eyes can be due to several factors.

1   Lower metabolism-during sleep, body less able to deliver blood and nutrients to the eye.  Take 4 capsules of TheraLife Eye right before bed to aid delivery and relief dry eyes.
2.     Eye lids partially open.  You might not be aware that your eye lids are partially open during sleep allowing tear to evaporate easily.  Solution to wear eye mask to keep your eye lids closed.
  • EYE LUBRICATION (e.g. tears, gels, etc): This is often recommended by eye doctors. Night time lubrication has its limits as well as its pitfalls. Viscous (thick) products,  products with petrolatum and mineral oil should be used at night are frequently recommended by doctors. Many experts question the frequent use of ointments and whether it's good for you. Long-term use of ointments for night protection. We believe using physical protection such as eye mask maybe a better choice than thick eye gels.
  •    PHYSICAL PROTECTION (e.g.  sleep masks or taping): This is something relatively few people think of on their own but it can make an enormous difference in protecting vulernable, dry eyes against severe dryness, erosions and abrasions at night.

  • Simply covering your eyes effectively to reduce tear evaporation and keep in moisture. One reason this is so effective is that for many people, aggravated night symptoms may be related to an underdiagnosed condition called lagophthalmos, where the lids do not fully close; however, even people who know their eyelids seal usually get a benefit from a barrier. Eye protection can be as simple as a soft eye mask (like the type you can get for $2-3 at a drugstore to keep light out when you're napping), or a thicker more effective sleep mask like the ones in the dry eye shop. Whatever you choose to use, try to keep your eyes covered at least part of the night. Don't forget to keep it clean and dry: daily washing is paramount, especially for moisture inserts.

  • HEAT, A/C, CEILING FANS (i.e. OFF): Heat and Air Conditioning dry out the air in the bedroom and aggravate overnight symptoms. The less you use of either at night, the better. Please also consider airflow. Keep the ceiling fan off if possible as the increased airflow will contribute to more evaporation too. During seasons, or in climates, where heavy use of heat or Air Conditioners is necessary, use of a humidifier and eye protection becomes even more important.

  • HUMIDIFICATION (i.e. ON): humidifier in the bedroom is helpful for many chronic dry eye patients. It's also very important to keep your humidifier as clean as possible, otherwise it may contribute to the problem rather than help solve it.

  • HEAT TREATMENT (i.e. DO IT): Just before bed is an excellent time to do your treatments for Meibomian gland dysfunction (failure of the oil glands in the eyelids to secrete enough oil to prevent rapid tear evaporation). Warm compresses, especially the gel or rice baggy method, often result in excess oil secretions that blur vision for awhile, so bedtime can be a practical time for them, and some people find that compresses just before bed help reduce their overnight symptoms.

In Summary

Under normal circumstances, here's our recommended routine for Night Time Dry Eyes. :
  • Fans off, and heat or A/C at a minimum. Hot or cold air blowing around is lethal to vulnerable corneas.

  • Gel Compress or Rice Baggy :  microwave it to a comfortable for 20-30 seconds, (not too hot as there is always danger of burning, even when you're experienced - just warm enough that it will stay that way for awhile) and bring it tobed.. I put it on the eyes for at least ten minutes - often leave it on till it cools - occasionally fall asleep and wake up in the middle of the night with it still on!

  • TheraLife Eye Capsules 4 capsules before bedtime to encourage tear production.

  •  Mask or goggle: If you have one of those night time goggle with moisture pads, use it.  Otherwise, use a sleep mask instead.

  • Unisol, Dwelle or NutraTear first thing in the morning depending what your eyes feel like. Use some Unisol to get things loosened up before putting in sclera lenses on ( this is a bandage contact lens for those with cornea abrasions).  Note, if your blepharitis is under control, and TheraLIfe Eye capsule is working for you to produce tears, you shouldn’t have to do this step.

  • Avenova  iLid Cleanser- clean your eye lids before or after the shower.  Once your Blepharitis is under control, use iLid Cleanser once a day only at night.  

  • How TheraLife Eye can Help!
    TheraLife Eye capsules restores, revives, and relieves dry eyes even at night.  No more gel drops, waking up with sticky crusty build up on your eye lids. 

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Sjogren's Syndrome Treatment - My Personal Story

Sjogren's Dry Eye Treatment - My Personal Story

Sjogrens's Syndrome Treatment-My Personal Story

Sjogren's is an autoimmune disease where your own immune system attacks moisture bearing cells such as eyes, nostrils, sinus, throat, lungs etc.  This is a progressive disease mostly affect women, but sometimes also men.  As with most autoimmune diseases, diagnosis can take on average 7 years.  Having symptoms does not mean you don't have the disease.
Typical treatment for Sjogren's involve steroids, Plaquenil, Methotrexate among others.  These drugs are potent, and often have side effects.  
Now there is an all natural formula that are targeted for Sjogren's dry eye relief.  

Here is a personal story-Sjogrens dry eye relief

"When I first found out that I had Sjogrens’ and severe dry eyes six (6) years ago.  My eye doctor put me on Restasis for the first year plus systane drops.  I used eye drops all day long with no relief.   Through out  the six years, my eyes were getting worse and I felt miserable at the end of each day.  My eyes were so red and uncomfortable - I just wanted to pull my eyes out. I was not a happy person,  very depressed, no social life,  all I wanted to do is close my eyes. I would pray  for a miracle every day, I went on line and searched for alternative medicine.   I can say my prayers have been answered. I have been on TheraLife Autoimmune for three (3) months and I have my life back again.  My family and co-workers also noticed the major difference in my eyes they are very happy for me.  TheraLife Autoimmune is worth every penny, TheaLife is the best thing that ever happened to me, its the answer to my prayers.

E A, Hollister, CA  "

How TheraLife Can Help

Theralife Eye Autoimmune is specifically formulated to revive and restore your tear secretion glands intra-cellularly.  
Over 90% of Sjogren's have meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD), we hightly recommend hot compress twice a day- 10 minutes each time in addition to TheraLife Eye to obtain optimum results.  
Sjogrens treatment

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