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Visoin Correction LASIK Result In Chronic Dry Eyes- Get Relief from TheraLife

Vision correct using LASIK is now very common.  People don't want to wear glasses, or have dry eyes and they cannot tolerate contact lenses.  Even though with dry eyes, eye doctors perform LASIK anyway, which result in permanent chronic dry eyes.

The reasons include prior dry eye conditions, cornea abnormalities, severed nerves in the eye due to surgery.  So rethink LASIK and consider having dry eye for the rest of your life before signing up for a life time of regret.

Here is a story from a TheraLife customer who had LASIK induced dry eyes and how he found relief in one week. 

I had lasik surgery 4 years ago.  I was told after the surgery that I will have chronic dry eyes, and  to use eyes drop.  I ended up using eye drops every hour, and my eyes were getting drier and drier.  I tried every kind of eye drop available on the market to no avail.   I ;looked up a lasik surgery forum online and noticed others have worse problems than mine.  Dry eyes was making my life very limiting and difficult.

After one year, it became clear that my eyes had completed healed as much as they could post-Lasik, I searched the Internet for treatments for dry eyes and found Theralife.  The testimonials looked promising. In desperation, I called Theralife. they were  very encouraging.  I explained that I was one year post-Lasik and that my eyes were still very dry.  They said that Theralife Eye should help and it may take 3 months to get results. I was encouraged. 
I received my first order of Theralife Eye.  I followed the enclosed instructions. To my pleasant surprise I noticed relief within a week. Two weeks later, it was even better. Theralife Eye, according to their brochure, builds your own system over time and continues to improve your tear quality and tear production over time (2 to 3 months). I continued to take Theralife Eye and after about 3 months, my eyes felt very comfortable. I have been taking Theralife Eye every day ever since. When I forget once in a while, my eyes still feel great.  I have been taking Theralife Eye for 3 years now.
Thank you so much for making this wonderful product. I am able to live a normal life and have comfortable eyes because of your product.
RT, Aliso Viejo, CA

Theralife Eye uniquely formulated to restore normal cell function to tear secretion glands intra-celluarly.   All natural, 100 % guaranteed.
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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What causes Blepharitis/Conjunctivities and Dry Eyes?

You have been diagnosed with dry eyes.  Your eyes are sticky in the mornings, eye lids inflammaed and you have been prescribed antibiotics.  You are still using eye drops constantly, warm compress,  eye lid cleaning. Your eyes are still red, dry, and irritable. What is happening?
There are many causes of red eyes, incljuding:Chronic dry eye syndrome;Conjunctivitis;and Blepharitis

Chronic Dry Eye Syndrome:

Red, dry, irritable eyes are typical signs of chronic dry eye syndrome.  The problem is, the more eye drops you use, the drier your eyes are.  You probably have already noticed this.


Conjunctivitis is bacterial or viral infection of the eyes. Your vision often become cloudy.  Bacterial infections can be treated with antibiotic eye drops or ointment.  Viral infections will migrate from one eye to another and runs through a 14 day course and stop.  For some viral infections, such as herpes, ocular lesion maybe common. 


Blepharitis is defined as inflammation of the eye lids.  Meibomian glands which produce lubridants are often involved. Common causes for Blepharitis involve eye lids and eye lashes attracting dirt or has inflammation.  This cinlude rosacea, dandruff, allergies, bacterial growth or growth of mites on the eye lashes.  Eyes often produce sticky crusty build up in the mornings which attracts dirt, bacteria etc. and cause infection.

Threatments for Blepharitis involve warm compress twice daily, 10 minutes each time,  eye lid cleaning followed by gentle massage of both upper and lower eye lids. Blepharitis tend to recur. Eye lid hygiene is key to keep it at bay.

Symptoms of blepharitis are similar to red dry eyes - red, blurry vision, watery, irritated, tired, light sensitivity and often wake up with a crusting on the eyelashes.

How can TheraLife Eye Help?

TheraLife Eye is effective in reducing inflammation and restore tear flow for chronic dry eyes. For those with blepharitis, TheraLife Eye reduces the inflammation to reduce the recurrence of blepharitis.

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Computers causing dry eyes- treatment tips from National Institutes of Health

Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)- dry eyes caused by using computers is a major problem in people across all ages and economic levels.  We now even have wearable devices that are smaller than ever.

Infrequent blinking, eye strains, and eyes inability to focus on TV and computer screens because they are not flat like paper, are to blame.

Common symptoms of CVS include blurred vision, headaches, neck and shoulder pain, tired eyes, dry, irritated eyes, difficulty refocusing the eyes. Work environments such as fluorescent lights, air movments from heating and air conditioners make the dry eye symptoms worse.

People who use computers or watch a lot of TV blink less. Reduced blinking rates lead to dry eyes because eyes are not getting the re-wetting that it needs to stay moist. 

Tips for relief from NIH

Make sure your work environment is ergonomically sound in order to reduce eye strain and other vision problems related to CVS.  A good pair of computer eyeglasses can help you see better at the right distance range for viewing a computer screen.  There are also shields to reduce glare from the computer screen.

Eye drops don't always help!

Most people, however, reach for over the counter eye drops. Frequent use of eye drops make your eyes drier.  Your eyes produce natural lubricants to thicken your tears.  This is being washed away by eye drops.  Never wash your eye balls under water.  Your eyes need to produce balanced tears on its own. 

How TheraLife Eye Can Help!
TheraLife Eye restores and increases tear production naturally for sustained dry relief throughout the day.

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