Thursday, May 17, 2012

Smartphones Can Cause Chronic Dry Eyes

Smartphones Can Cause Chronic Dry Eyes

Smartphones can cause chronic dry eyes
Eye Doctors are starting to see more patients with eye problems.

The reason, Smartphones.  Dr. Peter Bouvier, of the Papale and Bouvier Eye Center in Springfield told 22News, he doesn’t believe Smartphones will lead to permanent damage, but using your Smartphone can increase symptoms of dry eye.  If you suffer from allergies or are a little older, you will be more prone to these symptoms. 

Although teenagers should be careful, because the more you use your Smartphone, the more chronic this dry eye problem can become.

“Teenagers have a tendency to spend more time on this stuff.  We’re starting to see symptoms and complaints occurring in younger individuals probably because of the sheer amount of time they spend on it”, says Dr. Bouvier.

Dr. Bouvier said "To avoid these symptoms to remember to take breaks and use tear drops if your eyes start to get dry"

It is similar to eye problems caused by staring at a computer for too long- Computer Vision Syndrome.

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