Thursday, January 12, 2017

Hormone Receptor Found on cornea- cause for Dry Eyes?

Hormone Receptors found on Cornea- Imbalance Causes Dry Eyes

The degree to which your hormones affect your eye health depends largely on your individual blueprint and lifestyle. However, studies have linked androgen (testosterone) and estrogen receptors on the cornea of the eye and on the meibomian gland. This indicates a correlation between the production of tears and our sex hormones.

Menopause is a major reason why women over 50 have dry eyes.  

Relief for dry eyes:  Nutrition and Restore Hormone Balance

Every body is unique so you may need to experiment to find a combination of changes that work for you.  Supplemental essential fatty acids, in addition to a highly nutritious diet, are helpful for women of all ages with dry eyes.
A. Optimize your nutrition. Eat three balanced meals a day, consisting of:
1.   whole foods
2.    daily multivitamin.
3.  Omega 3 fatty acid  - be sure it is free of Mercury and PCB contamination- e.g TheraLife Omega 3 Fish Oil
4.   Vit E- which helps Omega 3 functionality

TheraLife Menopausal Support Can Help

For those who have had breast cancer or are concerned about using synthetic hormones.  Consider an all natural alternative.

To learn more

Enhanced-2-bottlesTheraLife Eye Menopausal SupportTheralIfe Eye Enhanced, 1 bottle of TheraLife Menopause Support, 2  bottle of TheraLife Eye enhanced . Highly recommended for first time users. Once relief is established, continue to take TheraLife Eye at a lower maintenance dosage.
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Why TheraLife Menopausal Support Formula?
This formula is designed for natural hormone balance. It contains Black Cohosh plus soy isoflavones and essential nutrients like calcium, folic acid, B-vitamins to balance hormonal levels and relief symptoms of chronic dry eyes, reduce hot flashes, night sweats, and This natural formula has been used by women who are particularly concerned about synthetic hormones causing cancer. 

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