Wednesday, February 1, 2017

LASIK Dry Eye Treatment w/TheraLife. My Personal Story

LASIK Dry Eye Treatment with TheraLife.  My Personal Story

I wanted to share this story because I know there are lots of people out there who had dry eyes as a result of LASIK surgery.  My eyes were probably dry anyway before the LASIK surgery, the condition became a lot worse after wards.  I did get relief with TheraLife.  

Here is my story. 

"I've been suffering from chronic dry eye symptoms for close to 6 months. My eyes started rejecting my contact lenses. I would wake up with red, inflamed eyes also accompanied by eye mucous. My opthamologist would put me on and off steroid or antibiotic eye drops. It started getting extremely frustrating. I ended up getting LASIK done in December and after the procedure I did some researching on the web because I've been so on edge that another flare up was going to start up after stopping the drops. I ended up finding theralife eye and it's been an honest God send! I felt relief just after a short week of starting these capsules! I've rarely needed the lubricating drops like I was used to before. If you suffer from any dry eye problems, definitely give theralife eye a try! It's so worth it!"

A. Casey

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