Thursday, April 23, 2015

Cataract Surgery and Dry Eye Syndrome

With cataracts affecting nearly 22 million Americans, it's not surprising that most of us know people who have had cataract surgery. We may even be contemplating cataract surgery for ourselves. Since cataracts are almost never a medical emergency, you should feel entirely comfortable taking the time to learn more about cataracts and explore all your options. 

What is a Cataract? 

A cataract is simply a spot on the lens of the eye that you cannot readily see through. These spots are made up of clumps of normal eye protein and generally form slowly over time. Although most cataracts are related to aging, it is also possible for cataracts to form as the result of surgery or other trauma to the eye. Steroid use and other health problems such as diabetes are also linked to cataracts. Congenital cataracts can form in babies or children, and radiation exposure can also result in cataracts. Still, for most people, cataracts are age-related and .

What is involved in Cataract surgery 

During cataract surgery, your own lens is removed and an artificial lens is replaced. The procedure is usually done under mild sedation and takes about an hour.  Most people see a remarkable improvement in their vision right after cataract surgery.  

Why do I have dry eyes after Cataract surgery?

In order to get the old lens out and the replacement lens in.  The doctor puts a tiny hole in your cornea to facilitate this process.  The hole does create an uneven surface on your cornea which creates friction when you blink.  This friction creates inflammation which shuts down your tear secretion glands, and thus dry eyes.

TheraLife Eye can help

Use TheraLife Eye for both pre-operative and post operative care.

The benefits of TheraLife Eye-

  1. Effectively relief dry eyes without the use of eye drops and restore cornea to the best health it can be before surgery.
  2. Post-operatively prevent dry eyes and maintain cornea health through accelerated healing, reduce inflammation, and continue secretion of balanced sustainable tear.
  3. Avoid the use of steroids and side effects.

Testimonial from our customer

Cataract Induced Chronic Dry Eyes- Relief by TheraLife Eye
After cataract surgery in 2007.  I started having problems with dry eyes.  My doctor prescribed several different types of eye drops, but none were effective.  He then put plugs in my tear ducts, and they became infected and must be removed.  He then suggested that I have my tear ducts cauterized- I did not feel comfortable about this permanent procedure.
I then thought about going on the internet and checking what else is available for dry eyes.  Amazon had information on TheraLife Eye that I found the most interesting. I place an order.  Needless to say, I saw a marked improvement and now I am on a maintenance dose of one capsule at breakfast and one at dinner.  2 capsules per day.  I wouldn’t be without TheraLife Eye.
B.G,  Virginia Beach, VA
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Friday, April 10, 2015

New Research- Best Eye Warm Compress for Blepharitis /Meibomian Gland Dysfunction Treatment

Management of meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) traditionally involves warm compresses as primary therapy. The exact temperature for a warm compress is unknown, but it has been advocated temperatures of between 40-45 degrees over 5-10 minutes are clinically effective. 

Conclusion- a hot wash cloth is just not good enough. 

The purpose of this study was to evaluate and compare the heat retention properties of commercially available eyelid warming masks over a 12-minute interval. Five eyelid-warming masks (MGDRxEyeBag, The Eye Doctor, Bruder eye hydrating compress, Tranquileyes and TheraPearl Eye-essential) and a warm facecloth were selected for this study to investigate their heat retention properties.

Not surprisingly, the facecloth is poor at maintaining the desired temperature for the prescribed 5-10 minutes without reheating. All the commercially available masks reached above 40°C within the first 2 minutes after heating and remained so for 5 minutes. The Bruder and Tranquileyes reached >50°C, after heating and the Bruder maintained >50°C for nearly 6 minutes. The MGDRx EyeBag and TheraPearl have the most stable heat retention (in targeted ranges) between 2 and 9 minutes.

Eye doctors prescribe warm compresses regularly for patients, and this study is an important reminder that facecloths are not a stable means of providing sustained heat to be clinically effective without reheating. The commercially available masks all provide sustained heat, though clinicians need to warn their patients that microwaves have different “strengths” and the patient needs to tailor their mask heating depending on the microwave wattage. 

This is an abstract from Ocular Surface News, April 9th, 2015. 

Blepharitis/Meibomian Gland Dysfunction result in inflammation which in turn shuts down your tear function.  

Relief Your Dry Eyes with TheraLife Eye

TheraLife Eye is a capsule.  It is not an eye drops.  TheraLife Eye revitalize your dry eyes intra-cellularly to secrete your own balanced tears.  Clinically proven to work in 80% first time users.  Get relief today.
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Monday, April 6, 2015

New Research linking Blepharitis with inflammatory diseases.

People With Blepharitis More Likely to Have Certain Inflammatory Diseases, Psychological Issues, Cardiovascular Diseases and More
According to recent research, several eye and systemic problems are more common among people with chronic blepharitis, but the reasons aren't always clear.
Researchers in Israel examined records of 16,706 people diagnosed with blepharitis in the Central District of Clalit Health Services during 2000-2009, plus an equal number of randomly selected age- and gender-matched people for the control group.
Ashkenazi Jews, people who were poorer and people who lived in urban centers were more likely to develop blepharitis than the rest of the population.
Also associated with blepharitis was the presence of certain inflammatory diseases (such as gastritis and asthma), psychological problems (such as anxiety and depression), hypothyroidism, cardiovascular diseases and certain eye conditions (chalazion and pterygium).
Most associated with blepharitis were chalazia, rosacea, pterygia, ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety and gastritis.

A study report appeared in the June 2011 issue of the journal Ophthalmology.

How can TheraLife Eye Help?

TheraLife Eye is effective in reducing inflammation and stimulates tear flow for chronic dry eye relief. Often people with chronic dry eyes also have Blepharitis. Treating chronic dry eyes reduces the inflammation, and also helps to reduce the recurrence of blepharitis. It is highly recommended that those who have Blepharitis stay on TheraLife Eye long term to increase the rate of success.

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Friday, April 3, 2015

Why Watery Eyes from Dry Eyes

Why do my eyes water if I have “dry eye?” 

Dr. Amber Gaume Giannoni suggested this explaining as a “cake batter” analogy. Very interesting.

In this strategy, it which compares the tear film to a cake recipe while introducing the concepts of Meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) and reflex tearing. One could explain to the patient that, “all cake batter ingredients must be in perfect balance for a cake to turn out. If you don’t have enough oil, you can’t just add extra water and expect a delicious, moist cake. In fact, even though extra water is added, your cake will likely turn out dry and crumbly. The tears that are responsible for lubricating the eyes are similar to a cake recipe. The components of the tears, which are mainly mucous, aqueous and oil, must be in the correct balance to keep your eyes from feeling dry. In your case, your tear-film doesn’t have enough oil. Your eyes are trying to compensate for this by tearing, which simply adds more water into the mix. Unfortunately, this isn’t the right recipe to keep your eyes feeling and seeing great.”

Amber Gaume Giannoni, OD, FAAO     March 26th, Ocular Surface News- Optometric Management

How to stop tear over production
Artificial tears make watery eye condition even worse.
The proper way to relief watery dry eyes is to:
  1. Balance tear production – restore normal cell functions to tear secretion glands - lacrimal and meibomian glands
  2. Train your brain to stop crying – to stop tear over production.
TheraLife Eye can help!
TheraLife Eye restores both lacrimal and meibomian gland functions in order to establish balanced, sustainable tear for lasting relief.  Learn more

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