Monday, April 4, 2016

Get 9 Simple Tips for Dry Eye Relief from TheraLife

Get 9 Simple Tips for Dry Eye Relief

Are you working on the computer for too long, your eyes hurt, they burn, sting, red, blurry vision, plus foreign body sensations.  Your eyes are sensitive to light.  Your eyes may even water - producing too much tear. 

You have tried various eye drops, they don't work any more.   Maybe your eye doctor(s) have even given up on you.  

Sounds familiar?  

Get these 9 simple tips for dry eye relief that you can do at home, at the office, anywhere.  Learn how to recover and get your life back on track!  Sign up now to get these simple tips and more.

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How TheraLife Eye Enhanced can help!    

Revive your own tear glands - Make your own tears naturally for dry eye relief!

TheraLife Eye is an oral capsule made from extracts of plants, vitamins and minerals.  Suitable for vegans. 

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 "I have Chronic Dry Eyes.   I have been on Theralife for 2 weeks now and have noticed a lot of improvement in the comfort of my eyes.  I have less light sensitivity and my eyes do water when I yawn.  I am still hesitant in backing off of the 8 pills a day, I still notice some discomfort from time to time, I understand it will take between 1-3 months to recover.  My eyes have definitely improved and I am very thankful! Thanks for  your help"

M. Johnson- USA

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How TheraLife Eye works

TheraLife Eye capsules are formulated to be taken orally. It is  a patented technology that targets tear secretion through intra-cellular mechanisms (internal cell functions).

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  1. Do you have dry eyes? Your eyes hurt and eye drops no longer work? Get 9 tips for dry eye relief. Get your life back on track today!