Friday, April 8, 2016

Increase Your Own Tear Production for Dry Eye Relief

Increase Your Own Tear Production for Dry Eye Relief.

TheraLife® Eye –Restores Tear Secretion Glands for Balanced, Sustainable Tears Naturally !
Tired of all those eye drops that doesn't work?  You want a natural way of dry eye relief with your very own tears?  You have found the right place.  TheraLife Can Help!

What is TheraLife Eye?

TheraLife's formula is a unique proprietary formulation that restores the tear secretion gland functions "Intra-Cellularly".   Prolonged use of eye drops cause your eyes to produce less tears over time.

Unlike eye drops, which ,makes wash away the natural lubricants your eyes produce, TheraLife's dry eye relief is sustainable over time. 

Clinical Trials

TheraLIfe demonstrated in a six site, double blind, placebo-controlled phase II clinical trial where 86% of the patients had increased tear production within a 3 months period.  Improvement was seen in as little as one week.   The patient population included ages range from 18-72, both women and men, and those with high blood pressure, diabetes etc.  The normal medications and routine vitamin regimen were not disrupted.  TheraLife Eye therapy relieved dry eyes and eye fatigue where other treatment modalities fail, such as gel drops, puntal plugs, and prescription eye drop. 

Lasting relief for chronic dry eye discomfort

  • Helps restore your eyes ability to produce natural tears
Clinically Proven
  • 86% of patients in a Clinical Study showed increased tear production

How does it work?
TheraLife Eye is a unique, patented formulation of nutrients, phytochemicals, and proprietary herbal extracts that
  • Improves ocular micro-circulation -making it easier to restore cellular functions.
  • MitoActivation - to boost intracellular metabolism and restore normal cell function to both meibomian and lacrimal tear secretion glands. These are glands that produce balanced tears.
  • Revitalizes and strengthens the eye's tear secretion functions
  • Helps reduce irritation and inflammation of the tear glands, eye surface, and eyelids
  • All natural extracts from plants, vitamins and minerals.  Specially formulated to do the job right.

Doctors recommended
All natural
100% guaranteed

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