Monday, April 11, 2016

Relief Stress Caused by Dry Eyes at Home


Best Dry Eye Treatment - Relief Stress Caused by Dry Eyes at Home

New Research Linking Chronic Stress with Dry Eyes and more

A healthy gut is an essential key to overall health (both physically and emotionally). With our eyes being the second most physiologically active part of our body next to our brain, our visual system requires a great deal of nutrients derived from the food we eat and the nutrients that get absorbed through our digestive system to maintain healthy vision.

We believe, for example, that Age Related Macular Degeneration is primarily an eye disease due to starvation of the retina, where essentially the retina is being deprived of essential nutrients due to circulatory changes and compromised absorption of the nutrients from the food we eat. This is supported by the vast amount of current research showing that the risk of onset of Macular Degeneration can be dramatically reduced through diet, lifestyle and targeted supplementation.

Diet and nutrition can also be linked to a wide range of other eye conditions as well including glaucoma, cataracts and diabetic retinopathy.

Dry Eyes cause stress due to the eye pain, red eyes, irritation and more.  Stress causes depression.  Dry eyes not getting treated will cause Chronic Stress which can cause long term chronic illnesses. 

Chronic stress causes a number of negative effects in the gut including:

  •  decreased oxygen to the gut
  • significant decreased enzyme production (needed to break down food)
  • decreased absorption of nutrients
  • reduced blood flow to the digestive tract, leading to decreased metabolism.
For those suffering from daily stress, daily meditation in the form of walking in the woods, sitting meditation, qigong, tai chi, and/or meditative yoga for example can all help reduce the effects of stress on our bodies, and enable one to function better with a clear head through choices that have to be made daily and with one's relationships (business and personal).

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