Monday, February 29, 2016

Treatments for Severe Dry Eyes

 Treatments for Severe Dry Eyes

When eye drops no longer works, what do I do?

We hear this very common.  I have dry eyes, and eye drops no longer work.  My eye doctors simply give me more drops to use, including an expensive prescription drop that stings when I put it in my eyes.  My dry eyes are getting worse, they are red, my eye lids are puffy, red, irritated,  and sometimes tear even run down my cheek.   Statistics indicate 20 % of patients who go to eye doctors fail to get a proper resolution to their dry eye problems.  
If this sounds like you, read on:  Take on this challenge on your own, get your life back on track. 
Here are some options for you to consider: 
·         TheraLife Eye Capsules – to restore normal tear function naturally through mito-activation.  Relief dry eyes with your own tears all day long.  See more below.
·         Steroid eyedrops can be used short term to reduce inflammation. Limit use to no more than two weeks; longer use can lead to serious side effects such as glaucoma and cataracts, potentially liver and kidney damages
·         Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acid supplements have been shown in some studies to help dry-eye symptoms, we recommend 4000mg/day.
·         Tear duct plugs, or punctal occlusion, is an in-office procedure during which temporary or permanent plugs made from collagen or silicon are inserted into the tear ducts in the eye’s inner corner to block tears from draining.  Be aware that 50% of punctal plugs fall out within the first year.  People with punctal plugs are also more likely to have eye infections because bacteria and contaminants have no place to go. 
·         Autologous serum tears use your blood serum to create eyedrops. These drops contain compounds found in natural tears that may help heal the eye’s surface. People with a very severe dry eye disease such as sjogren's syndrome tend to use this approach.  
·         Surgery can correct eyelid abnormalities or reduce the surface area of the eye to help reduce tear evaporation.  Eye lid surgeries do often lead to more dry eye symptoms due to scaring - which may cut of blood supply to the eyes for dry eye relief.  

If you’re experiencing symptoms of dry eye, seek out a definitive diagnosis, which is crucial for proper treatment.  

TheraLife Eye works by restoring your own tear production intra-cellulaly.   No more drops, no oitment,   All natural, 100% money back guaranteed.  

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