Sunday, February 14, 2016

How to test for dry eyes syndrome?

How do eye doctors test you for dry eye syndrome?

You have been told by your eye doctor(s) you have dry eyes.  Yet you don't know how this is determined.  Lack of this information make targeting your recovery very difficult.

There are many reasons why you have dry eyes.  Most common cause of dry eye is lack of tears.  However, other factors, such as Blepharitis ( inflammation of eye lids) and Meibomian Gland Dysfunction ( unable to deliver lubricants to thicken your tears) are major factors as well.  

In fact Blepharitis and Meibomian Gland Dysfunction are the causes of at least 70% of the severe chronic dry eyes coming to TheraLife.  

Typical dry eye tests

1. Dry eye symptoms (Ocular Surface Disease Index questionnaire) 

2. tear break-up time - measures how long it takes tear to disperse, a sign of "Evaporative Dry Eyes" , not enough lubricants to thicken tears

3. Schirmer test - measure tear volume. A think tread inserted to your lower eye lid and measure how much tear is produced within 10 minutes.  Normal should be around 15-20 mm. 

4. ocular surface staining - observing dry patches on your cornea. 

5.  Examine sticky crusty build up for Blepharitis - which should include microscopic examination of eye lashes for bacteria and mites

6. Expressing meibomian glands - and tell you what comes out.  Description should be clear, cloudy, tooth paste or nothing comes. 

7. Tear Osmolarity Test - (TearLab- San Diego, CA) - this equipment may not be available through your eye doctor's office.  In that case, Tear Breakup Test is essential.

Learn what to ask your doctor beforehand will help you get the proper tests performed, and understand the best treatment regiment for faster recovery.

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