Wednesday, February 24, 2016

How to relief Dry Eyes at Night

For those with chronic dry eyes, this is probably a familiar story.  So what is the best dry eye treatment for night time relief?

Dry Eyes at Night

This happens most often for people who already have dry eyes.  The symptoms are:

1.  Eyes Hurt,

You get up several times during the night to put drops in your eyes.  Sometimes you have to ply your eyes open because your eye lids are stuck to your eye balls.

2. Gel Drops at night

Your eye doctor(s) recommend you use this thick gel drops to prevent dryness.  Next morning, crust build up on your eye lashes, and your eyes may still be dry.

3. Crusty Eyes in the morning

This is a typical sign of Blepharitis - inflammation of the eye lids.  Best treatment is eye lid cleansing, twice a day.  If you are using gel drops, this crusty build up is even more severe.

Why Dry Eyes at Night?  

There are many reasons for dry eyes at night:
1. Reduced tear production when you sleep.
Your whole body metabolism slows down resulting in insufficient blood flow and delivering nutrients to your eyes.  

2. Eye lids partially open
Very common.  Sometimes your eye lids maybe partially open, and you won't know it.  Resulting in tear evaporation.  For this, you can wear a goggle at night.  Some goggles have a moisture chamber to provide moisture close to your eyes. 

3. Fan or Moving Air in the bedroom
Wind and moving air tend to dry out eyes,  Turn off ceiling fans will help a great deal. 

How to Relief Dry Eyes at Night- Best Dry Eye Treatment

1. Take 4 capsules of TheraLife Eye before bedroom

2.  Wear goggles or eye masks
3.  Humidifier in the bedroom.
4.   Turn off ceiling fans, close windows

TheraLife Eye works by restoring your own tear production intra-cellulaly.   No more drops, no oitment,   All natural, 100% money back guaranteed.  

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  1. Dry eyes at night can be very annoying. Disrupted sleep, painful eyes, sticky eye lids in the morning. Get help today from TheraLife.

  2. Night time dry eyes can be caused by many reasons, one being partially open eye lids during sleep. Take TheralIfe Eye capsules before bedtime, sleep through the night.