Tuesday, May 14, 2019

New Blepharitis Treatment That Works


What is Blepharitis?

If you wake up in the morning with crusty sticky build up on your eye lids- you have Blepharitis.

Blepharitis is the inflammation of eye lids- often resulting in bacterial infection and demodex (mites).  85% of people with Blepharitis has chronic dry eyes.  Inflammation from Blepharitis shuts down tear secretion glands and therefore dry eyes.  Vise versa is also true, dry eyes result in inflammation which can cause blepharitis. 

If you have Blepharitis - first thing you do is to stop all eye make up, this is particularly true for mascara.  Make up also help attract bacteria and mites, exacerbation your current condition.

Consequences of Blepharitis

When Blepharitis becomes a chronic condition, eye lashes often fall out, eye lids become swollen, red and irritated.  In severe cases, dry eyes plus blepharitis can lead to cornea damage and blindness.

Blepharitis in almost all the cases also lead to meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD)- clogging of the oil producing glands on your eye lid.  MGD leads to severe chronic dry eyes- one of the most difficult dry eye conditions to treat. 

Treatments for Blepharitis

The traditional treatment recommended by many eye doctors- use baby shampoo simple do not work.  Baby shampoo has detergents which strips the oils and lubricants that help keep your eye lids healthy.  Bacteria re-adhere and reinfect the eye lids on daily basis. 

The other option is to use antibiotic drops - this does help short term, until bacteria becomes resistant to the antibiotics being prescribed. 

Highly recommended Blepharitis Treatment from TheraLife

1. Avenova iLid Cleanser - safe and effective.
It is not a detergent- the key ingredient occurs naturally in your body for fending off infections.  It works by disrupting the biofilm layer on your eye lids to which bacteria and mites like to anchor. 

2. TheraLife Eye capsules to reduce inflammation, restore normal function to your tear secretion glands and relieve dry eyes with your own balanced natural tears.  Frequent use of eye drops make your eyes drier

3. Hot Compress - twice a day- 10 minutes each time to unclog meibomian glands. 

It is time to recover from Blepharitis.  Life can be normal again.  You can do it!

 TheraLife Eye Enhanced Starter Kit.

Everything you need in a discount package.

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