Thursday, July 4, 2019

How To Relief Dry Eyes Through Meditation

How To Relief Dry Eyes Through Meditation

Have you ever wondered by your eyes are drier, hurt more when you are under stress?  Somehow your eyes are better when you go on vacation.

New research shows stress can lead to many health problems, including high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, and yes, chronic dry eyes.

How Does Stress Cause Dry Eyes?

It has been well documented that stress hormones - Adrenaline, Cortisol and Norepinephrine  can increase your heart rate, increase blood pressure, give you brain fog,  inability to concentrate, and make dry eye symptoms worse.   These stress hormones causes blood vessel constrictions that reduces supply of blood and nutrients to your eyes.

Stress reduction is one of the best dry eye treatment.  Meditation works wonders if you are stressed at home or work.  Try this technique below.

Simple Meditation for Stress and Dry Eye Relief

1. Select a quiet spot, e.g. bathroom at the office, a quiet darkened room in your house.
2. Sit in a comfortable chair with your feet on the ground and put hands in your lap.
3. Close your eyes and start slowly counting your breath to prevent any other thoughts or ideas that come to your mind.  For example, your to do list, what to make for dinner tonight - your racing thoughts  If a thought come to your mind,start counting from one again.  Train yourself to count to 12 without any thoughts interrupting your breathing and counting. 
4. Open your eyes after 10 minutes, you will feel like you just took a nap.

Do this daily until you become proficient at this simple exercise.  It will not only relief your dry eyes, it will help you reduce blood pressure, prevent heart disease.

dry eyes treatment

What happens in dry eye syndrome

Dry eyes cause inflammation which shut down your normal cell function- in this case your tear functions. This is a natural cellular response to stress and inflammation for self preservation.  TheraLife Eye capsules work intra-celulloary to restore normal function through mito-condria DNA. Thus it can revive and restore normal tear function, so you get sustainable relief by your own tears.
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