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Managing Allergies and Dry Eye Treatments

Managing Allergies and Dry Eye Treatments

More than 50 million Americans suffer from allergy, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, with at least 30% of those having eye-related symptoms
Typical symptoms of allergy is runny nose and congestion, especially during peak pollen/hay fever season.

Eye involvement of the allergy-reacting conjunctiva will often have varying degrees of papillary reaction (nipple-like structure), mucous discharge and red eyes.  This is also relative to the papillary reaction driven by the sheer force of the lid on contact lenses.     The initial onset of the allergy creates the mast cell-driven inflammatory process that leads to the eventual symptoms.  Advise is to take medications prior to an attack.

Dry eye symptoms results in stinging, burning, red, irritated eyes with blurry vision.  Getting the proper dry eye treatment is very important during allergy season.  

Recommendation - Treat allergies and dry eyes at the same time.

For people with dry eyes, symptoms often concur in people with allergy.  TheraLife Eye has ingredients that treats mild to moderate allergy, especially as it relates to the eye, TheraLife Eye can treat dry eyes and allergies at the same time.  Therefore, take TheraLife Eye when you know the allergy season is coming up.

Facts on treating dry eyes and allergies

Regarding therapy for ocular allergy, you should be aware of the following:

► Response time. Certain drops have been shown to reduce the itch response quickly.

► Dosage. For patients with an on-the-go lifestyle, dosage that requires twice or three times a day may not be the optimal choice. Use mast cell-stabilizing antihistamines – e.g.Zyrtek or Claritin which are less drying for your eyes.

► All drops are not indicated for use with contact lenses.

► Pediatric use. Allergies are often times seen in younger patients, and they may only present with ocular symptoms. Knowing that you are prescribing a medication that is approved for use in pediatric patients as young as age two gives you peace of mind.

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TheraLife Eye for Dry Eyes and Allergies

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