Friday, April 28, 2017

How to Manage Stress and Depression Caused by Dry Eyes?

How to Manage Stress and Depression Caused by Dry Eyes?

What is chronic dry eyes?

Chronic dry eye is a condition where dry eye symptoms are severe and recurring.  These symptoms include eye pain, blurry vision, foreign body sensation, light sensitivity, and more. These symptoms over a long period of time can cause stress and depression.  What we hear often is -" my life is now revolved around my dry eyes every day."

What is Stress and Depression?  

You're not the only one who feels sad or worried at times. It's normal. Living in anxious times provides us with plenty of reasons to worry about our families, our country, our basic health and our safety.

It's perfectly natural for you to respond to the ups and downs we all experience with elation or fear.

It's normal and expected for you to feel grief at the loss of a loved one, or a job or a precious possession.

It's common, and occasionally even helpful, for you to react to life's stresses, challenges and dangers with anxiety.
  • What's NOT perfectly natural is when those feelings persist long after the event or condition that triggered them.
  • What's NOT normal and expected is when those feelings seem to come at you from nowhere, appearing even in the absence of obvious external triggers.
  • What's certainly NOT helpful is feeling the weight of your emotions so heavily that it interferes with sleep, prevents you from performing daily activities or arouses concern in the people who care about you.
  In its milder forms, depression or anxiety can make it difficult to even get yourself out of bed each morning and to go through the motions of your daily activities. Fatigue, inertia, feelings of sadness and recurring fears can hover like a rain cloud over your life.

In their more severe forms, depression or an anxiety disorder can immobilize you, sabotage your relationships, trigger feelings of helplessness and self-destructive behavior, and perhaps even turn your thoughts to suicide.
You DON'T have to suffer this way
  With Theralife Eye, you can get total dry eye relief from inside out.  It is a patented  formula that is natural, safe, and effective.

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The Ultimate Dry Eye Treatment

The vest dry eye treatment is to make your own body to produce its own balanced tears for dry eye relief.  Dry eyes result in inflammation, and inflammation shuts down your tear functions.  This is your body's natural defense mechanism.  TheraLife Eye capsules are designed to treat from within your body, to reduce inflammation, and restore your own tear function to make your own tears all day long.

TheraLife Eye - help you restore, revive and produce your own tears for dry eye relief, all day long.  

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