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Causes for Blepharitis Recurrence and Treatment That Works

Causes for Blepharitis Recurrence and Treatment That Works

We have seen customers who has crusty sticky build up on their eye lids, red, painful eyes, puffy and swollen eye lids over and over again.  They have been diagnosed with Blepharitis

They have been doing hot compresses - often with just a hot wash cloth plus eye lid cleansing with either baby shampoo, or a drug store brand of eye wipes that are detergent based.  Yet months after months the condition does not improve.  

Typically, eye doctors then try antibiotics, steroid drops, various types of prescription eye drops to no avail.  What is going on? 

What is Blepharitis? 

Blepharitis is the inflammation of the eye lids, often cause by bacteria or mites.  This inflammation shuts down tear functions resulting in dry eyes.  Therefore, if you have Blepharitis, you also have dry eyes.  Blepharitis treatment must include both dry eyes and blepharitis.  

Why Blepharitis Recurrence?

Typical Blepharitis treatment include anti-biotics.  Reason why multiple bouts of different anti-biotics may not work well for blepharitis is as follows

1.  Bacteria mutate against antibiotics rendering the current antibiotic ineffective
2.  Bacteria re-attach to the eye lids after antibiotics are cleaned off . 
3.  Tea tree oil is the treatment of choice for mites- same principle, when tee tree oil is  washed off, mites re-anchor onto your eye lashes.  

Why Hot Compress?  

Blepharitis also cause meibomian gland dysfunction - clogging of your meibomian oil glands on your eye lids.  The inflammation from Blepharitis causes the oil gland to malfunction.  Meibomian glands secrete lubricants such as protein, lipids and mucin to thicken tears.  Without it, the tear is too thin and evaporates quickly.  Therefore you now have dry eyes.

The best meibomian gland dysfunction treatment is to use hot compress to melt and unclog the glands.  A hot wash cloth is not good enough.  WEe recommend you use a gel type of hot compress that heats up in the micro-wave oven to provide heat for at least 10 minutes each time.  Gently massage the eye lids to allow clogging to come out.  Followed by eye lid cleansing

Eye Lid Cleansing Essential for Blepharitis Treatment and Recovery

It is very important to clean eye lids daily, to get rid of the sticky crusty build up that attracts even more bacteria and mites.  

Why Detergent Based Eye Lid Cleansers Don't Work?

Detergent such as baby shampoo, or the drug store type of eye wipes, eye sprays for blepharitis do help remove the sticky substance on the eye lids.  However, bacteria and mites come right back onto the eye lids.  This is a major reason for Blepharitis recurrence. 

Why Hypochlorous Acid Eye Lid Cleanser?  

Hypochlorous acid has been found to disturb the bio-film layer on your eye lid so the bacteria and mites have no place to anchor back onto your eye lids.  No antibiotics, no detergents, it works and is gentle.

How can TheraLife Eye Help?
TheraLife Eye is effective in reducing inflammation and stimulates tear flow for chronic dry eye relief. Often people with chronic dry eyes also have Blepharitis. Treating chronic dry eyes reduces the  inflammation, and also helps to reduce the recurrence of blepharitis. It is highly recommended that those who have Blepharitis stay on TheraLife Eye long term to increase the rate of success.

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