Thursday, March 9, 2017

How to stop recurring Chalazion/Stye? Treatment that works!

How to stop recurring Chalazion/Stye? Treatment that works

Wondering why you have had a chalazion or stye twice in 3 months.  You have come to the right place.  

What is a Chalazion? 

Chalazion is caused by a blocked meibomian oil gland located on your eye lids.  It is like a pimple,  Chalazion is not infectious, unlike a Stye.  Chalazion often goes away by itself, or can be drained.  On the other hand, Styes are infectious, often treated by antibiotics.   Typical treatment for chalazion is a hot compress.  Note a hot wash cloth is not good enough.  Hot wash clothes do not stay hot long enough.

Why do you get recurring Chalazion or Stye?

People with meibomian gland dysfunction - clogging of these meibomian oil glands tend to have recurring chalazions, or styes.  Primarily because the underlying reason for chalazion - blocked oil glands has not been thoroughly addressed.  

What else is happening besides Chalazion?

If your meibomian oil glands are clogged, most likely you have chronic dry eyes and perhaps also Blepharitis.  Clogged oil glands means your eyes are not producing the proper lubricants to thicken tears.  Dry eyes result in inflammation, inflammation in turn shuts down tear functions, including meibomian glands.  Therefore this vicious cycle continues.  Dry eyes result in inflammation, inflammation result in Blepharitis and shut down meibomian glands.

Best treatment for recurring Chalazion

To stop this vicious cycle, we need to treat the root cause of recurring chalazion - Chronic Dry Eyes.
The recommended protocols is as follows:

1. TheraLife Eye capsules to treat dry eyes - restore and revive your own tear functions for dry eye relief all day long.  Your own tears, no more drops.

2.  Hot Compress- gel type that heats up in the microwave oven for 20-30 seconds, place on your eyes for at least 10 minutes.

3. After hot compress, gently massage your eye lids to loosen any clogging

4. Clean eye lids after hot compress to remove debri, and prevent bacteria and/or mites re-attaching onto your eye lids.  Stop the re-infection cycle.

5. 4000mg of Fish Oil per day- Fish Oil is strongly anti-inflammatory, plus helps with adding lubrication to your tears.

TheraLife Chalazion Starter Kit to stop recurring Chalazia/Stye.  Restore and Revive your own tear function naturally.

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