Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Dry Eyes- and Artificial Tears -Eye Drops

Dry Eyes- Artificial Tears

Dry eyes give you red, stinging, blurry vision and sometimes eye pain.  Dry Eye Symptoms can change the quality of your life, cause depression, and loss of productivity at work.  Sounds familiar?

Your eye doctors keep prescribing more and more eye drops of all kinds, the ones without preservatives, the ones that are thicker and suppose to stay in your eyes longer.  You may be putting drops in your eyes every hour, your eyes are still dry.  What is going on?

What is in your tears?

Your tear has over 300 components that is difficult for any artificial tear to duplicate.  Your tear is produced by a pea size gland located at the outer upper cornea of your eyes called Lacrimal Gland.  The tear must be balanced by lubrication produced and secreted by your meibomian oil glands located on your eye lids.  Goblet cells produce mucin to protect the mucous membrane in your eyes. 

Artificial tears serve to wash away the natural mucin, proteins, that your eyes produce.  This is why your eye ball is getting very clean, too clean.  Your eyes become drier and drier the more you use artificial tears, and the inflammation causes dry eye symptoms to get worse.

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The Ultimate Dry Eye Treatment

The vest dry eye treatment is to make your own body to produce its own balanced tears for dry eye relief.  Dry eyes result in inflammation, and inflammation shuts down your tear functions.  This is your body's natural defense mechanism.  TheraLife Eye capsules are designed to treat from within your body, to reduce inflammation, and restore your own tear function to make your own tears all day long.

TheraLife Eye - help you restore, revive and produce your own tears for dry eye relief, all day long.  

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