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Powerful Watering Eyes Relief by TheraLife- My Story

Watering Eyes Relief by TheraLife- 

Why do eyes water when you have dry eyes?
More than 50% of watering eyes is due to dry eyes.  Reason is- when eyes are dry and not getting relief for a long time.  Brain started to cry to help provide moisture.  This type of Reflux tear is very poor in quality, which washes away your natural lubricants your eyes produce to thicken tears.  The more you cry, the drier your eyes are.  Just like frequent use of artificial tears.

I was getting very frustrated until I found TheraLife.  Here is my story.

Watery, Sandy Gritty, Itchy, Red  Dry Eye Relieved by TheraLife Eye- Australia

I can only say it was a stoke of good fortune to be told about your product. Finally I can live each day without itchy, red, watery eyes. I know when I need more as my right eye starts to feel uncomfortable, as if there is grit in it or I don't focus as well. But as soon as I up my Theralife Eye capsules, (mostly 2  tablets/day) the discomfort dissipates and I'm fine.
I actually first bought Theralife to aid my dog and her dry eyes.  It was only when a friend was visiting and I complained how my eyes were always watering, itchy and I was rubbing them so often.  She told me I had dry eyes which seemed strange because my eyes are watery.   So I thought I would take the Theralife Eye capsules which I was using for my dog and wow...what a difference.  Now these capsules  are a permanent part of my day and I am so grateful.
Some days I have to increase my TheraLife Eye dosage because I am a constant traveler,  or when the weather gets hotter and drier which it does here in Victoria, Australia.  But it only takes a couple of days of double dosage to get relief then I return to 2 capsules/ day to maintain the good health of my eyes.  I do find I can take 1 capsule at a time with food otherwise they can make me feel a little nauseous.   But that is not a problem and well worth it.
Once again, my sincere thanks to you all and also for your emails keeping me up to date with all the information and also the support.
May 2011 be a wonderfully successful year for you all.
Kindest regards,
K.M. Victoria, Australia
Theralife Eye

Lasting relief for chronic watering eyes

  • Helps restore your eyes ability to produce natural tears
Clinically Proven
  • 86% of patients in a Clinical Study showed increased tear production

How does it work?
TheraLife Eye is a unique, patented formulation of nutrients, phytochemicals, and proprietary herbal extracts that
  • Improves ocular micro-circulation -making it easier to restore cellular functions.
  • MitoActivation - to boost intracellular metabolism and restore normal cell function to both meibomian and lacrimal tear secretion glands. These are glands that produce balanced tears.
  • Revitalizes and strengthens the eye's tear secretion functions
  • Helps reduce irritation and inflammation of the tear glands, eye surface, and eyelids
  • All natural extracts from plants, vitamins and minerals.  Specially formulated to do the job right.

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