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Dry Eyes and LASIK - Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

Lasik Dry Eyes- Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

LASIK Dry Eyes

Does this story sound familiar?  You finally decide to get LASIK so that you don’t have to wear contact lenses or glasses.  You are so excited to see the great results only to find out that once the procedure is finished, you have developed a pretty bad case of dry eyes.  Your doctor gave you over the counter eye drops and prescription eye drops to reduce inflammation.  You may have tried punctal plugs to back up tears, used thick gels at night to prevent tear evaporation and warm compresses to stimulate eye production. You might have even tried eye vitamins that are suppose to thicken your tears.  Nothing has helped!  Your eyes are still dry, irritated, red, tired and it is affecting your work.  What to do?

TheraLife® Dry Eye Enhanced can Help!  Read on! 

Dry eyes are the most often reported complication of LASIK and other refractive surgery procedures. For most refractive surgery patients, their dry eye conditions are not significant enough or long enough to cause much difficulty. Unfortunately, some LASIK patients develop long-term dry eye conditions that are very debilitating.

Why does LASIK surgery cause dry eyes? During the LASIK procedure, corneal nerve tissue and tear gland cells may be damaged. This is normal and expected during LASIK. However, this damage and interruption of nerve impulses to the tear glands can cause dry eye conditions.

Why TheraLife Dry Eye Enhanced?

TheraLife® Dry Eye Enhanced Formula works by intra-cellular stimulation of  tear glands to secrete sustainable tears naturally.  The benefits of TheraLife® Dry Eye Enhanced are:
  • Accelerates and aids healing of damaged corneal nerves and tissue
  • Strong anti-inflammatory agents to reduce swelling and dry eye discomfort
  • Stimulates tear glands to produce balanced natural tears

The use of TheraLife® Dry Eye Enhanced Formula ® increases normal tear production and provides continuous support after LASIK surgery to promote tissue repair and helps restore normal tear film to ensure a successful outcome.

With the success of TheraLife® Eye, many doctors are now recommending TheraLife Eye Enhanced for post LASIK dry eye relief. 

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