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TheraLife® Eye Treats Watery Eyes as Well As Dry Eyes

TheraLife® Eye Treats Watery Eyes as Well As Dry Eyes

It is difficult to think of watery eyes as a symptom of dry eye conditions, but it happens to be true!  Many people with watery, itchy eyes, who may believe they suffer from allergies, actually suffer from a dry eye condition.  Adding more eye drops to eyes already watering does not make any sense.  TheraLife® Eye treats the root causes of dry eye so that those who suffer from dry and watery eyes can find lasting, permanent relief to this problem.

How Can Dry Eyes Be Watery?

Many people have a hard time connecting their watery eyes to a dry eye condition.  After all, dry eyes mean that you do not have enough tears and water eyes mean that you have too many, right?

Actually, some dry eye sufferers find that their bodies overproduce tears in order to provide moisture for the dry eye condition.  This sets up a vicious cycle:  the tear glands become inflamed and produce tears.  This is known as "reflux tears" and is an involuntary reaction of the brain when it senses that your tear glands are inflamed.  However, because the glands are not functioning properly, these tears are not "natural" and are of extremely poor quality.  This watery substance washes away the natural lubricants present in the eye.  Because these natural lubricants are gone, the tear glands are not cycling tears properly and stay inflamed.  The eyes struggle to wash out the inflammation by producing even more "tears," and the cycle goes on and on.

Ultimately, the underlying cause of the problem, dry eyes, must be treated.  The tear glands must be made to produce good quality tears that contain the right concentration of lubricants to soothe and heal the eye.  If this does not happen, the cycle will continue.

How Can I Treat Watery Eyes?

TheraLife® Eye treats watery eyes by targeting the root of the problem.  Because your eyes are not producing tears properly, TheraLife® Eye targets the tear glands on a cellular level.  Unlike eye drops, TheraLife® Eye does not simply mask the problem; instead, it heals the tear glands themselves.  When the tear glands begin to function properly, the watery eyes generally disappear.  For most users, this process takes about three months.  Unlike eye drops or certain drugs, TheraLife® Eye will quickly give you back "normal" tear production!

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