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Best Blepharitis Treatment That Works

Best Blepharitis Treatment That Works

TheraLife® Eye not only treats the symptoms but also the underlying causes of dry eye.  However, not all dry eyes are the same!  It is important to have a good understanding of why your eyes continue to give you problems.  If you do not, the chances are that you will simply mask the symptoms with ineffective treatments rather than reaching the root cause of the condition. 

What Is Blepharitis?

If you have heard the term blepharitis used by your doctor, you may already know that it is a condition in which the eyelids become inflamed.  This usually occurs where the skin of the eyelid meets the eyelashes and may affect one or both eyes at the same time.  There are several possible causes of blepharitis, including bacterial infections, mites (demodex) or allergies

Blepharitis can lead to painful, dry or itchy skin on your eye lids .  It may also lead to watery eyes, dry eyes with blurry vision and other problems.  It often leads to unsightly red skin on the eyelids and even discharge from the eye itself.

How Do Doctors Treat Blepharitis?

Because there can be many different root causes of blepharitis, doctors are not always in agreement on the best treatments for this condition.  For example, some doctors will prescribe antibiotics; eye lid cleaning, and hot compress plus try steroids.  Many will prescribe eye drops, which will give some relief but will not treat the underlying problem:  malfunctioning tear glands that need microcellular support.

What If Eye Drops Do Not Work On My Blepharitis?

If your eye drops stop working or never worked to treat blepharitis, it is important for you to know that you have another option.  Unlike pills, eye drops or creams, TheraLife® Eye is unique.  It has been proven to work with 80 percent of first-time users.  It restores balance to the tear glands on an intracellular level that leads to balanced tear secretions.  Ultimately, addressing the root cause of the problem will lead to better solutions for your dry eye condition.

As seen at https://www.TheraLife®Eye .com/all-in-one-eye-enhanced-starter-kit/, the TheraLife® Eye starter kit helps treat the basic cause of blepharitis:  meibomin gland dysfunction.  The starter kit restores tear function by working at the cellular level, while the eye lid cleanser and hot compress provide immediate relief for clogged glands, prevent attachment of bacteria and mites to your eye lids.  Users will see an immediate difference in redness, soreness and dry eyes that will ultimately lead to a permanent solution.

For more information on blepharitis and how TheraLife® Eye works, see our web page at  https://www.TheraLife®Eye .com/all-in-one-eye-enhanced-starter-kit/.

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