Thursday, May 5, 2016

All Natural Dry Eye Treatment at Home - TheraLife

All Natural Dry Eye Treatment at Home- TheraLife

Perhaps you have been diagnosed with dry eyes, your eye doctors prescribed eye drops that just hasn't worked for you.  You want to be in control of your own eyes, your own health.  The good news is, you can recover with TheraLife at home.  Try it and get your life back on track.

How TheraLife® Eye Works

TheraLife® Eye is doctor-recommended and has been clinically proven to provide sustainable, lasting relief from severe and chronic dry eyes for 80 percent of first-time users.  TheraLife® Eye is a unique proprietary formula that is all-natural and is designed to give relief for those suffering from dry eye, a painful and possibly dangerous medical condition.  Before you use TheraLife® Eye, it is helpful to know exactly how it works and what makes it different from other dry-eye treatment formulas.

Dry Eye Relief From the Inside Out

TheraLife® Eye's unique patented formula has been proven to increase intracellular metabolism.  This is known as Mito-Activation. The formula also increases membrane permeability and micro-circulation in and around the eyes.  This stimulates the tear glands to naturally overcome dry eyes by secreting their own tears.

There are three tear glands in the eye:  the Meibomian, lacrimal and goblet cells.  TheraLife® Eye works to restore and revive tear secretions in all three by stimulating intracellular activity to overcome inflammation that can shut down cell function.  Many products simply treat the symptom; in other words, they attack inflammation without addressing the underlying causes.  TheraLife® Eye works on a cellular level to turn on the mitochondria and kick-start normal, healthy cell function in the tear glands.  These formulas are patented and unique, providing a better dry-eye treatment than any other product on the market.

Are There Drugs Already To Treat Dry Eye?

Currently, doctors tend to prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs such as prescription cyclosporin - their company spends a great deal of money to "push" this drug among doctors and to convince the medical field that fighting inflammation is the best way to treat dry eye.  Alternative healthcare providers may focus on oily lubricants such as fish oil and flaxseed oil to thicken the tears themselves.  This is also a way to treat inflammation.  However, neither of these methods works on a cellular level to improve blood circulation and stimulate the cells.

What Can I Do When Eye Drops No Longer Work?

If you are currently using eye drops to treat your dry eye condition, or if you are taking a drug like cyclosporin, the chances are that these methods are going to stop working for you at some point.  Ultimately, you are going to need to focus on the problem, not the symptoms.  TheraLife® Eye does this by healing the cellular issues that lead to dry eye.  We do not just treat the symptoms; we resolve the[L3]  problem at the cellular level!

For more information about TheraLife® Eye, visit our website at https://www.TheraLife®

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