Monday, July 2, 2012

TheraLife® Eye –Restores Tear Secretion Glands for Balanced, Sustainable Tears Naturally !
If you have been searching for a treatment for chronic dry eyes, we know that you are seeking an immediate solution for an agonizing condition.

We also know that you are overwhelmed and confused with many treatment options.

Your option is clear- TheraLife Eye for natural, balanced and sustainable relief all day long.

What is TheraLife Eye?
TheraLife's treatment is a unique oral formulation that stimulates the secretion of natural, salt-based tears. Unlike eye drops, which evaporate quickly and are often messy and inconvenient to use, relief with TheraLife Eye therapy is sustained over time. Actually, prolonged use of eye drops may cause the eye to secrete fewer tears, further aggravating the condition.  Learn more

Clinical Trials
Scientifically demonstrated in a six site, double blind, placebo-controlled phase II clinical trial conducted by leading ophthalmologists and optometrists, TheraLife Eye Therapy relieves dry eyes and eye fatigue in cases where other treatment modalities fail. In fact, improvement with TheraLife Eye therapy was seen in as little as one week.
Lasting relief for chronic dry eye discomfort
  • Helps restore your eyes ability to produce its own natural tears
Clinically Proven
  • 86% of patients in a Clinical Study showed increased tear production
How does it work?
TheraLife Eye is a unique, patented formulation of nutrients, phytochemicals, and proprietary herbal extracts that
  • Improves ocular micro-circulation - to deliver more nutrients and oxygen to the eye while carrying out more harmful waste products
  • MitoActivation - to boost intracellular metabolism and restore normal cell function to both meibomian and lacrimal tear secretion glands.

  • Revitalizes the eye's tear secretion functions
  • Helps reduce irritation and inflammation of the tear glands, eye surface, and eyelids

Doctors recommended
Works for 80% first time users
All natural
100% guaranteed



What is in TheraLife Eye :click here
All natural extracts from plants, vitamins and minerals.  Specially formulated to do the job right.

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  1. TheraLife Eye- the natural solution to chronic dry eyes. Relief with tears from your own eye, sustainable, balanced with lasting results.