Thursday, July 5, 2012

Eye News- Dry Eye Syndrome Ranks Highest in Patient Compliant

Dry Eye Syndrome ranks highest in patient complaints in the eye doctor’s offices compare to all other ailments.

Here are some interesting facts reported by an “Industry News” article  AOA News

1) Nearly half of all U.S. adults (48%) experience one or more dry eye symptom(s) regularly.  That means out of 200 million people in United States, 96 million experience dry eye symptoms.

2) 19% of women age 55 and older have experienced dry eye symptoms for more than 10 years.

3) 69% who experience one or more dry eye symptom(s) have not visited an eye care professional to treat symptoms.

4) Of those who visited an eye care professional to treat their dry eye symptoms, 19% visited more than once before finding relief and 22% reported that they still have not found relief.

The statistics are staggering.   Dry eyes can impact quality of life, productivity and work and can cause depression, among other ailments

The most common treatment has always been eye drops with or without preservatives.  Some use eye drops as often as every hour, and their eyes become drier and drier over time.  Inflammation causes the tear secretion glands to shut down, eye drops only provide superficial temporary relief on the surface.  The underlying cause of dry eyes is under active tear secretion glands.

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  1. Dry eye complaints ranks higher than any other complaint in eye doctor's offices. Eye drops provide only temporary relief. Look to TheraLife Eye for balanced, sustainable relief by your own tears. Learn more