Friday, August 3, 2012

Story from an Eye Doctor- Use TheraLife Eye for Lasik, Contact Lens Dry Eye Relief

Story from an Eye Professional:

I continue to hear from my patients who are contact lens wearers and LASIK surgery patients that indeed they are finding dry eye relief by taking TheraLife's remarkable formulation. As I have said before, the best available treatment that I have found for dry eyes is still TheraLife Eye, because it produces sustainable long-term results, good patient acceptance, contain all natural ingredients and, best of all, they work. Some eye drops, on the other hand, can actually make the dry eye condition worse.
I want to thank you for helping my patients get the eye relief that they can't find elsewhere and to encourage you to keep up the good job!
Dr. Burton Worrell
Assistant Clinical Professor
University of California, Berkeley
Tel: (408) 267-2020

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  1. Learn how an eye doctor prescribe TheraLife Eye for contact lens, LASIK dry eye patients.