Monday, March 26, 2012

Treatment for Severe Dry Eyes With Cornea Abrasion

Severe chronic dry eyes left untreated can lead to cornea abrasion and blindness.

Constantly using eye drops only lead to more dry eyes.  TheraLife Eye is unique in how dry eyes is treated.  It normalizes cell functions if tear secretion glands- both meibomian and locrimal intra-cellularly.   It is natural, effective and safe!

Here is a personal story from one such customer.

"I have suffered from dry-eye for nearly 20 years. My eyes would be terribly dry and constantly stinging and really red and bloodshot. A former employer actually accused me of being an alcoholic and drinking during work hours. After using countless different types of eye drops and gels, nothing ever worked. I got a prescription for an eye drop from my family doctor and after enduring 6 months of that expensive nonsense and even worsened redness, I threw it away.
I found TheraLife on the internet.  After starting Theralife capsules along with the fish oil this past March, I am stunned. It took approximately 3-4 weeks and my eyes are nice and white with no burning or stinging. My eyes actually shine with a healthy sheen to them. I am referring everyone that I run across with dry-eye symptoms to call Theralife. I am a Medicare health insurance agent and have over a thousand clients. It's surprising how many people suffer with this ailment.
Thank you Theralife so much for ending my agony. Please feel free to use my testimony."
LA, United States

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  1. Severe dry eyes left untreated can lead to cornea abrasion and blindness. Read a case where TheraLife restores normal tear function with lasting results naturally. Buy now!