Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dry Eye Syndrome- Cataract Surgery Induced- Relieved by TheraLife

Cataract surgery, any eye surgery in that matter, can induce dry eyes. 

This is because of the irregularities created by the surgery on the surface of your cornea- which creates friction, and inflammation when your eyes blink.  Inflammation leads to dry eyes.  TheraLife Eye can easily relief this type of dry eyes by restoring normal tear secretion functions for lasting relief.

Here is a personal story:

I first discovered Theralife when I had my first cataract surgery two years ago.  I had a very dry eye after the surgery and the doctor wanted me to use a prescription Restasis product for the dryness.   It was expensive and besides, I did not want to take another prescription medicine. After a couple of weeks of using Theralife Eye, the dryness was gone.  I actually stopped taking TheraLife Eye and was doing fine.

When I had my second cataract surgery, the dryness and irritation became very severe. So, I went back to TheraLife Eye.  It has worked again, and I would recommend starting to take TheraLife a few weeks before the surgery to promote healing after the surgery, and continue to take it until the eye is healed and comfortable.
H.J.  Maryland

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  1. Cataract surgery, or any kind of surgery can induce dry eye syndrome. TheraLife Eye restores tear secretion glands providing long lasting relief naturally. Buy now.