Monday, January 7, 2019

Why Dry Eyes Are Worse in Winter- Tips for Relief

Why Dry Eyes Are Worse in Winter- Tips for Relief

You finally turned on your heater for the first time.  Your eyes are so dry, they hurt.  Your have "Winter Dry Eyes"-

Get simple tips for things you can do.  TheraLife can help!

For some people, this only happens in the winter when force hot air furnaces and heaters are turned on.  The heaters create hot dry air movement that allows tears to evaporate quickly.  Sometimes, increase water intake, use artificial tears, nothing seems to help.  Very annoying!
For those who already have dry eyes, the dry eye condition seems to be worse as soon as the heat is on at home or at work.

What Can I Do to Relief Winter Dry Eyes?

  1. Use a humidifier in the central heating system – this will require frequent cleaning to ensure bacteria and other organisms do not grow in the water reservoir.
  2. Use a humidifier near your desk or inside an office
  3. Drink at least 8 glasses of water
  4. Sit away from a hot air vent
  5. Do not use artificial tears often, it only make your eyes feel drier.  Artificial tears tend to wash away the key tear thickening components -mucin and lipids and make your tear evaporate easier.
  6. Try oral dry eye treatment to help stimulate and produce tears naturally from your own eyes.m  Click here to learn more.

How TheraLife Can Help

For those who already have dry eyes and are already taking TheraLife Eye Enhanced, increase dosage during winter months for relief!  You can decrease the dosage again when spring comes in March when moisture content in the air increases.

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