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Punctal Plugs for Dry Eyes. Why Sometimes They Fail.

 Punctal Plugs For Dry Eyes. Why Sometimes They Fail?

Punctal plugs may not work for everyone who has dry eyes.  Here are some of the reason you should be aware of before getting them instilled in your eyes.

What are Punctal Plugs?

Punctal plugs are designed to plug up the tear ducts to stop the drainage of tears into your sinus.  Punctal plugs are often used for people who do not respond to eye drops.
Tear ducts function by providing drainage for debris and bacteria to drain and clean the eye.

Possible outcomes by of punctal plugs:

1. When the tear ducts are plugged, the accumulation of bacteria and dirt increase the chances for eye infections
2. Some people experience irritation, swelling, due to allergic reactions to the punctal plug materials.
3. Punctal plugs can be removed by flushing with saline.
4. Punctal plugs often fall out by themselves.

Why punctal plugs do not always work for chronic dry eye?

For people with severe chronic dry eyes, there are simply not enough tears to shore up, therefore, punctal plugs are not enough!

How does your tear secretion glands work?

There are two important tear secretion glands that need to work simultaneously in order to relief dry eye symptoms.

1. Lacrimal gland which secretes tear volume.
2. Meibomian gland which secrete mucin, lipids, and proteins to thicken the tear.

Both glands must function together in order to provide tear with the right thickness (viscosity) and tear volume to provide comfort.
How can TheraLife Eye help?
TheraLife® Eye works by restoring normal cell functions to both lacrimal and meibomian glands.  The result is balanced, sustainable tears from your own eye to provide comfort all day long.  

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