Friday, June 2, 2017

New Treatments for Watery Dry Eyes

New Treatments for Watery Dry Eyes

Watery Dry Eye Story - This is what we hear

"I have watering eyes - tears flowing down my cheeks. My doctor diagnosed it as dry eyes, prescribes all kinds of eye drops – they don’t help. What is going on?"

Symptoms of Watery Dry Eyes

The symptoms of watering eyes can be tearing, dry, burning, sandy gritty, red, and sensitive to light.  Yes, you have all kinds of tears running down your face, but your eye doctor can tell by staining that you have dry eyes.

About 50% of the cases, watering eyes are cause by dry eyes.
Watery eyes occur when there is too much tear production or poor drainage of the tear duct . The causes for Watery Eyes often include:
  • Clogged meibomian glands- located on the upper and lower eye lids. Your doctor may chose to use laser (LipiFlow) or probes to unclog them.  Meibomian gland secrete lubricants to thicken tears. Tear not thick causes evaporative dry eyes.
  • Blepharitis- inflammation of the eye lid. Read other blog posting on blepharitis at this site.
  • Allergies and hay fever
  • Conjunctivitis – pink eye
  • Chronic sinusitis
  • Radiation therapy.
  • Medications

Why you have watering eyes?

One of the major causes of over tear production is Dry Eye Syndrome. Since you may have had dry eyes for a long time, left untreated, your brain started to secrete reflux tears, the type of tears you cry with which is of poor quality. 

Dry Eye causes the eyes to become irritable; inflamed which stimulates the body to produce “Reflex Tears” which is of poor quality. Eye drops adds more fluid to wash away the lubricant that your eyes produce naturally to make the eyes even drier.

How is Dry Eye Syndrome diagnosed?

One of the main tests for tearing is to check whether the eyes are too dry. There are 3 key tests your eye doctors do to test for dry eyes:

1. Fluorescent stains – to observe condition of your cornea.

2. Shirmer’s Test or Zone Quick t- measure the amount of tears.  In case of watering eyes, this cannot be used.

3. Tear Viscosity – using a fluorescent dye and a stop watch to see how fast your tear disperse- an indication of how thick your tears are to prevent evaporation.  This test again cannot be used in watering eyes.

If you doctor has already diagnosed you with chronic dry eyes, then you need to treat the dry eyes first before over tearing will stop.

How Can TheraLife Help?

TheraLife offers a chronic dry eye solution that treats from inside out. TheraLife Eye stimulates your own tear secretion glands to secrete balanced and thick tears to relief chronic dry eye. Watery eyes due to dry eye is harder to treat than chronic dry eye.  TheraLife Eye will treat the dry eyes first, then your brain will stop crying.

Most effective approach - TheraLife Eye + Fish Oil + Hot Compress (twice a day, 10 minutes each time) + daily eye lid cleaning. 

Just so you have the correct expectations - it takes 3 months to stop your eyes from crying.  You have already suffered enough- drops has not worked so far.  Be patient, you will stop crying.  This is our guarantee. 

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