Thursday, June 29, 2017

How I Recovered from Chronic Dry Eyes With No Tears- My Story

How I Recovered from Chronic Dry Eyes With No Tears

Chronic dry eyes results in a great deal of inflammation which shuts down your natural tear secretion functions.  When not treated, the situation gets worse, and finally tear volume becomes almost non-detectable.  Eyes become painful.  Drops don't work.  

Here is a personal story from a happy customer who recovered.  Read on >>>

Chronic Dry Eyes- no Tears. Relief by TheraLfe

"January of 2017, my eyes went from chronic dry eyes to severe chronic dry eyes. My eyes no longer produced tears. My doctor said since Restasis was no longer helping to wet my eyes, my only option was to plug my tear ducts. I had been using Restasis for two years. I did not want to plug my tear ducts so I started googling for help and thankfully found Theralife. I read the awesome reviews. Most had the same symptoms and frustrations as I was having. So I ordered the kit and it was the best decision I could have ever made. Dr. Yang phoned me the day after ordering to learn of my symptoms. She explained so much to me. I felt relieved. My eyes were blood red from being so dry. The first day of taking the pills and using the eye mask, the eye pressure and pain from the dryness went away. The second day, I could begin to feel a little moisture in my eyes. Each day got better. I am extremely happy with Theralife and would recommend it to anyone having severe chronic eyes. 

Sylvia P. 

 Chronic Dry Eyes?  Theralife Can Help!

TheraLife Eye Enhanced patented formula is designed to restore and revive your own tear secretion glands to produce normal, balanced, sustainable tears all day long. All Natural, Effective and Safe.

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