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Survival Tips for Sjogren's Syndrome-TheraLife

Survival Tips for Sjogrern's Syndrome

Sjogren's syndrome is one of the most prevalent autoimmune disorders. some 4-6 million people have this disorder, mostly women, but also men. Affects people of all ages and races. Here are some helpful tips that we hope you find useful.

Dry Eye Survival Tips

  • Use warm compress and eyelid cleansers or baby shampoo on a warm washcloth to reduce blepharitis, a common condition in Sj√∂gren’s that causes chronic inflammation of the eyelids and eyelid margins. Do this often to reduce discomfort
  • You may need a prescription antibiotic or steroid drops to reduce inflammation for blepharitis..
  • Reduce light sensitivity- wearing sunglasses- draw window shades, avoid fluorescence lights.
  • Avoid applying anything to the eyelids that can irritate your dry eye; products placed on the eyelid will get into the tear film.
  • Avoid over use of eye drops – makes your eyes drier over time. Use TheraLife Eye instead – see below
  • For night time dry eyes, take 4 capsules of TheraLife Autoimmune Dry Eye right before bedtime. No blurry vision and mess compare to eye gels.
  • Try moisture chamber goggles, especially at night to prevent moisture evaporation and offer protection from air currents.
  • Keep the upper and lower eyelids free of facial creams at bedtime; they can enter the eye and cause irritation.
  • For allergies use Claritin “Loratadine”- a mast cell stabilizer anti-histamine which is gentler than “Diphenhydramine HCl” (Benedryl or Sudafed). It does not make your eyes as dry. Do not use Claritin D

Dry Mouth Survival Tips - Reduce inflammation

  • Eat soft, moist foods - no pasta, bread or sugar
  • Eat smaller, more frequent meals to stimulate saliva flow.
  • Avoid salty, acidic or spicy foods and carbonated drinks that may be painful on your dry mouth or interfere with digestion. 
  • Help prevent dental decay by using oral products containing the sweetner xylitol.
  • For dry mouth, increase your intake of daily liquid.
  • Avoid mouthwashes and rinses that contain alcohol or witch hazel. These ingredients can aggravate oral dryness and burning.
  • Chew sugar-free gum or suck on hard diabetic or sugar-free candies to help increase saliva.
  • Apply vitamin E oil or moisturizing gels to dry or sore parts of the mouth or tongue for long-lasting relief. Use the liquid oil or punch holes in vitamin capsules.

How can TheraLife Autoimmune formula help?
Treats both dry eye/dry mouth!


- Doctors recommend effective natural therapy- 80% success rate for first time users!
- Intracelluar stimulation of tear and salivary glands to restore normal function
- Regulate immune system to reduce flares
- Targeted to provide more oxygen to the brain, fight fatigue and improve sleep.

What is in TheraLife Autoimmune?

- Immunomodulators
- to help modulate and normalize the immune system

- Anti-inflammatories - to reduce irritation and inflammation of the tear, salivery glands, eye surface, eyelids, and joints

- Anti-fatigue agents - to stimulate circulation and boost energy

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 TheraLife Success Story
Sjogrens Dry Eye/Dry Mouth:
I was diagnosed with sjogrens syndrome 4 years ago. I tried everything my doctor suggested. Nothing really worked for me. Then a co-worker reccomended Theralife. I called and they were so helpful in getting me started and are very knowledgable too. After about 2 months, my eyes had improved so much. My dry mouth has improved as well. I work in a casino where the air is VERY VERY dry and without Theralife, I don't know what i would do. Thank you for creating such a wonderful product.
Jeannie K- Reno, NV

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