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Post Lasik, Watery Dry Eyes - Success Story from TheraLife

Post LASIK, Watery Dry Eyes - Success Story from TheraLife

This is my personal story.  I hope you find it useful.   

"I am a chronic dry-eye sufferer who had LASIK surgery. I have the "Watery" type of Dry Eye where tears flow down my cheek constantly.

As I approached 40 I began to suffer from watering eyes. As a contact lens wearer since the age of 14, I could no longer tolerate the contact lenses and with the watery eyes, I couldn't see or function normally through the day.

I investigated having Lasik surgery. Due to the severity of my prescription (11.5 in my left eye and 11.75 in my right eye) along with large pupil dilation and a thin cornea, I was turned down by most of the prominent eye surgeons in my area. Not willing to go back to glasses, I was finally able to find a surgeon who gave me the option of "E-Lasik" surgery. (Remember, this was over 10 years ago, and Lasik surgery techniques have come a long way). It was much more complicated than normal lasik and the risk of even drier eyes was a possibility.

The surgery was extremely successful. I now have 20/50 vision, but it is such that I can function without glasses for the most part. Now for the dry eyes: I used the drops recommended by the surgeon, but still had watery eyes, extreme glare at night (I was told this would happen due to my pupil dilation) and sometimes pain in my eyes in the morning upon waking.

I was certain that I could find a supplement that would help. I tried many drops and supplements from health food stores but nothing seemed to help. I searched until I found Theralife Eye on the internet. It has improved my night vision, my watery eyes and lessened the pain that I experienced in the morning. I started with 8 capsules per day and now maintain on 4 per day. I recently have added the Fish oil (1-2 per day) and have had even more relief.

I would recommend Theralife Eye products as a natural, safe way to manage chronic dry eye. I'm so glad that I found Theralife.

PB, Dayton OH

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