Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Do Eye Drops Make Your Eyes Drier? TheraLife Can Help!

You have been using eye drops for your dry eyes for ever.  Your eye doctor prescribed drops with gels, drops without preservatives.  Nothing seem to help.  You are at the right place.

Eye drops make your eyes drier

You probably suspected this is the case all along.  This is because frequent use of eye drops is washing away the natural lubricants your eyes produce- like washing your eye balls under a faucet.  This dryness result in inflammation, causing your eyes to hurt, red, irritated, light sensitive until they become unbearable.

The worst thing you can do is to use "decongestant eye drops" such as Visine- that takes the red out.  . Long-term use can cause your eyes to become dependent on these eye drops, and when you stop, the blood vessels dilate even more and become worse, making red eyes worse.

Prolonged dry eye left untreated can lead to corneal ulcers, cornea abrasions which may require cornea transplant..

Why eye drops do not work for chronic dry eye?

The answers resides in our tear composition and tear secretion glands:
  1. Lacrimal Glands- This gland produces the bulk of your tear and creates tear volume
  2. Meibomian Glands- This gland secretes thickening agents (proteins, lipids, and mucin) to prevent tear evaporation and protects the eye
Our body requires that the tear volume and tear thickness be balanced and secreted evenly over time in order to relief dry eyes. Typical treatments only relief part of the condition, but not both

- Eye drops – compensate for the lack of tear volume.

- Oily eye capsules – compensate for the lack of tear viscosity (thickness), prevent tear evaporation

Over time, the more drops you give your eyes, your eyes are learning not to secrete tears due to conditioning reflux.  

Overuse of eye drops usually is more than 4-5 times/day.  This includes antibiotic eye drops, dry eye medications, prescription dry eye drops, glaucoma drops etc..

For chronic dry eyes, you need balanced, sustainable tear secretion throughout the day.
TheraLife Eye Enhanced can help!

TheraLife® Eye Enhanced works by restoring tear secretion glands intra-cellularly.  Reason being, dry eyes result in inflammation which shuts down the tear secretion glands.  TheraLife Eye capsules will stimulate them  (both meibomian and lacrimal glands) to secret its own balanced tears naturally and overcome the key issue in chronic dry eye syndrome.

How does TheraLife Eye work?  What is in TheraLife Eye? click here.

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