Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ocular Surface Disease Index for Dry Eye Assessment


How do you know how severe your dry eyes are, and if you are receiving the proper care?

Typically, your eye doctor will diagnose your dry eyes by using clinical exam, your response of yes or no to self-reported symptoms of dryness or burning.  Frequently, eye drops are prescribed and if drops don't work, there are very few other options.  Inadequate diagnosis can lead to delayed diagnosis or even subpar therapeutic management.

This Ocular Surface Disease Index1 (OSDI, developed by Allergan) is a questionnaire that has been tested in clinical trials as an accurate and effective tool to differentiate normal and temporary ocular discomfort from chronic dry eyes. It consists of 12 questions that rates the frequency of symptoms, task-related limitations due to ocular discomfort, and environmental irritants. For each item, the range of patient responses are from "none of the time" to "all of the time," corresponding to a numerical 0-to-4 scale. The values are then summed, and the calculated OSDI score ranges from 0 to 100 with cut-off values for mild (13-22), moderate (23-32), and severe (33-100) dry eye.

The OSDI questionnaire can be used as a screening tool to identify people who would benefit from a self-referral for a full dry-eye work-up.  All existing people with dry eyes should also complete the OSDI at each follow-up to monitor for progression and track for response to therapy.

Print out a copy for yourself and track your own symptoms while you take TheraLife Eye for improvement.  Bring a copy to your next visit to your eye doctors.  email us at: to get a copy of this questionnaire.

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1. Tell us your symptoms and dry eye history, what you have been doing so far for dry eye relief- we will give you:
  • Realistic expectations on how long it will take you to recover.
  • What other regimen you should be using in addition to taking TheraLife Eye. e.g. Hot Compresses, eye lid cleaning, antibiotics, steroid eye drops etc.
Theralife will stay with you every 2 weeks until you recover.

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  1. Not getting any results with your current dry eye relief regimen. Take a simple survey Ocular Surface Disease Index and find out how severe your dry eyes are. email to: or call toll free 1-877-917-1989 TheraLife can help.