Thursday, January 16, 2014

Elimination Diet- treatment for your eye allergies.

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People who suffer from dry eyes and come to TheraLife often describe their symptoms as itchy, dry, irritated, burning.   The symptom "Itchy" is a sure sign of allergies.

Allergies could be caused by environmental elements such as pollen, mold, trees, animal dander and more.  However, there are many food allergies that can be eliminated through this "Elimination Diet"  One of our customers who had itchy dry eyes tried it and alas it worked in 2 weeks.

She would like to share her story with you, because she also finds it so easy to implement.

I have been taking TheraLife Eye for dry eyes for 7 years.  My eyes are much improved, but I still have some itchy eyes.  So I decided to try this "Elimination Diet" and see if I can get further improvement. 
This diet includes:

  • No Gluten, 
  • No refined sugar, 
  • No dairy
  • No caffeine
  • No GMO corn products. 

After two weeks on this diet, I had a significant improvement in my eye health - Eyes always moist and no itching sensation. This diet is easy to follow both at home and at many restaurants who provide great choices which allow you to stay on this diet.  Starbucks even has no caffeine passion ice tea.   I continue to take TheraLife Eye for dry eye relief.  Adding this diet has allowed me to be food allergy free. "
KA  Thousand Oaks, CA

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  1. Are your dry eyes also itchy? Sure sign of allergy. Try the Elimination Diet to improve your eye health. Learn from TheraLife

  2. Very informative article but I recommend to all readers if you have a problem in yours eyes better to have an eye checkup