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Graves Opthalmopathy & Dry Eyes. TheraLife Can Help

The Thyroid

The thyroid is a small gland in the front of the neck below the Adams apple.  The thyroid makes two thyroid hormones, tri-iodothyronine (T3 ) and thyroxine (T4 ). T3 is made from T4 and is the more
active hormone, directly affecting the tissues. Thyroid hormones affect virtually every tissue and cell in the body.

Thyroid hormones affect metabolism, brain development, breathing, heart and nervous system functions, body temperature, muscle strength, skin dryness, menstrual cycles, weight, and cholesterol levels. Hyperthyroidism causes many of the body’s functions to speed up.

Thyroid hormone production is regulated by another hormone called thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), which is made by the pituitary gland in the brain. When thyroid hormone levels in the blood are low, the pituitary releases more TSH. When thyroid hormone levels are high, the pituitary responds by decreasing TSH production.  This function must be perfectly balanced.

What is Graves’ ophthalmopathy?

People with hyperthyroidisum or Graves’ Disease has a condition called “ophthalmopathy”  This is an autoimmune condition where cells from the immune system attack the muscles and other tissues around the eyes , resulting in inflammation and buildup of tissues and fat behind the eye socket.  The eye balls bulge out.
The symptoms of Opthalmopathy are: Chronic Severe Dry Eyes.
  • dry, gritty, and irritated eyes
  • puffy eyelids
  • double vision
  • light sensitivity
  • pressure or pain in the eyes
  • trouble moving the eyes
About 25 to 30 percent of people with Graves’ disease develop mild GO, and 2 to 5 percent develop severe .1
Opthalmopathy can occur before, at the same time as, or after other symptoms of hyperthyroidism develop and may even occur in people whose thyroid function is normal. Smoking makes Opthalmopathy worse.

What to do about Opthalmopathy?

TheraLife Eye Can Help. 
TheraLife Eye is an all natural formula that restores tear secretion glands to give you balanced sustainable tears all day long.  Your own tears.  Here is a story from one of our Graves Disease patients.

Grave’s Disease Thyroid Dry Eyes- Relief by TheraLife Autoiommune:

I am a 48 year old woman who was diagnosed with Graves Disease 5 years ago.  Graves’s disease tends to attack the thyroid gland as well as the eyes.  My eye problem started about 4 years ago with severe dryness.  I went to many doctors with NO Success!!! They only suggested I continue to put eye drops and ointments in my eyes.  This actually exacerbated my problem. I became very desperate, and then found TheraLife on the internet.  I found relief within a few weeks and have been on a dose of 2-4 pills ever since.  I DO NOT use ANY eye drops or ointments anymore. The supplements totally keep my dry eye problem under control. Once in awhile, I need to take 6-8 capsules, but after a couple of weeks, I usually can go back to about 4.  I am extremely happy and grateful for finding TheraLife.
M. S., San Antonio, Texas

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  1. Graves Opthalmopathy is hyperthyroidism with chronic severe dry eyes. TheraLife Autoimmune regulates immune system and increase tear production to relief dry eyes. Get help today.